BSc Triandrobol TEST

BSc Triandrobol TEST




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  • Improve Stamina
  • Accelerate Muscle Strength
  • Assist Healthy Libido
  • Optimise Functional Power
  • Enhance Mental and Athletic Performance
  • Support Immune Health
  • Assist Sleeping Patterns
Athletes often forget the mental side of performance and simply think if they put in the hard yards it will all work out on the day. Mental focus, clarity and belief play just as important part as what physical performance does. For this reason Triandrobol TestoPlus looks after all stages of physical performance with optimal hormonal and physical support in conjunction with Ginkgo to support mental performance. Train smart, train strong with Triandrobol TestoPlus.


Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris phytochemistry is entirely different from the phytochemistry of the same plant found elsewhere in the world. Not all Tribulus are created equal with Bulgarian Tribulus providing superior physiological benefits. Triandrobol TestoPlus utilises Bulgarian Tribulus with synergistic ingredients to improve the body’s anabolic state. Triandrobol TestoPlus is more than a Testosterone enhancer which includes Bulgarian Tribulus, ZMA, Ginseng, D-Aspartic acid and Ginkgo. The additional ingredients are proven to work well when used in combination with Tribulus. Take your performance to the next level and get some serious results.
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  • Enviro BPA Free Drink Bottle


    Size: 1 Litr

    How do I choose the colour?

    Due to the nature in which these arrive into our store, we cannot provide individual variences on the website with stock levels.

    In comments section of the checkout please write your 1st, 2nd and 3rd colour preference and we will do our best to meet your requirments as best as we can.


    #1: Blue

    #2: Green

    #3: Pink

    Colour's to choose from:

    • Pink
    • Dark Blue
    • Light Blue
    • Purple
    • Green
    • Black
  • Smart Shake Shaker Bottle


    SmartShake is a high-quality shaker cup with three compartments to store pills and powders.
    It is made from BPA free plastic and is 100% leak-proof.
    You can use it every day, store it in the freezer, heat its contents in the microwave and wash up in the dishwasher afterwards. It’s designed for real life.
    SmartShake’s unique design is compact, yet light. And thanks to its snap-on strainer, there are no loose parts.


    20oz 600ml
  • Core 150 Shaker Cup


    Core 150™ has a number of innovative, unique and patent protected advantages which make it stand head and shoulders above other shaker cups on the market. Scroll down to be blown away by this smart revolution in shaker cups!


    Three removable compartments for pre/during/post workout intake

    Accepting just any supplements is now a thing of the past as Core 150™ allows for you to take your choice of nutrition with you at all times. Three separate compartments allow for you to insert your pre, intra and post workout supplements

    Core 150™ can carry 150 grams of powder

    Unlike any other Shaker Bottle on the market you can now store 150 grams of powder in your shaker cup, 200 if you include the shake you might have just mixed on the way out the door but who's bragging?

    No need to transport powders separately

    If, like many of us, you transported your powders around in separate containers in a desperate bid to ensure your nutrition was at hand when you needed it but later discovered you had no scoop to measure out your intake! With core 150 our individual compartments have been strategically designed to deliver 50 grams of powder alleviating any measuring issue that you once might have had.

    Not just for powder supplements

    Core 150™ can be used to transport more than just supplements. Keep fruits, snacks, vitamins or other dietary edibles on hand for throughout the day.

    Volume of liquid

    Core 150™ Shaker holds 1 litre of water when centre compartments are removed allowing for a smoother shake when powder is inserted. For maximum on the move convenience Core 150™ ensures three precise 50 gram measurements of your nutrition are at hand exactly when you need them.

    Removable compartments

    The entire centre compartment area of the Core 150™ is fully removable to increase the capacity of your bottle. This helps with mass gain powders which require more fluid than your average shaker cup can hold. The Core 150™ system also ensures maximum hydration during the day and throughout your workout.
  • Endura ENDURA Drink Bottle

    Pink & White Endura Drink Bottle

    Size: 740ml



  • PrimaForce Taurine


    Supports healthy blood sugar levels
    Potent antioxidant properties
    Supports energy production
  • Dorian Yates GH Blast


    GHBLAST is designed for competitive bodybuilders and is THE strongest sleep formula of its kind. As such, you must read the entire label before use and follow directions carefully. To assess your tolerance, begin your trip by mixing just 1 serving (1 scoop) into 6 to 8oz of cold water before bedtime for relief of occasional sleeplessness.
    DO NOT TAKE MORE THAN TWO SERVINGS EVERY 24 HOURS. Do not consume with alcohol. This product does NOT contain GHB or Growth Hormone.
    Everyone who uses GHBLAST raves about it because it produces remarkable results and with the very first use. 
    Never before has a dietary supplement offered such incredible benefits. GHBLAST is a night time formula to enhance deep and more restful sleep, and to assist in the release of natural hormonal compounds. 
    GHBLAST can also be used effectively in smaller serving amounts as a daytime formula for improved mood and a feeling of well being, and enhanced libido and sexual function. In conjunction with proper diet and exercise, GHBLAST may also contribute to improvements in body composition and elevated energy levels.
    GHBLAST users have reported the following benefits, based upon various serving amounts used:
    •    Deep rejuvenating sleep
    •    Increased muscle
    •    Decreased fat
    •    Increased energy
    •    Increased work capacity
    •    Increased Libido
    •    Improved mood
    Since this time and until the release of GHBLAST by Dorian Yates Nutrition Inc no dietary supplement company has released a product that has produced such a desirable and beneficial effect. Just after the change in the law, many companies scrambled to find a 'legal loophole' with other pharmacologically or chemically similar substances, trying to trigger neurological pathways to identical GBL and GHB. Irrespective of the fact that virtually none of these substances met the definition of a legitimate dietary supplement and that they didn't do much more than look good on paper, efforts to introduce any 'similar' substance would, because of the design of the scheduled drug analog laws, result drug classification of these substances.
    That's where all of these supplement companies and scientists missed the boat. Companies cannot access key raw material pricing low enough to make these supplements.
    The quality of the primary raw materials in GHBLAST surpass those which are available through the limited number of raw material suppliers in China that offer these compounds.
    There is a unique efficaciousness inherent within the proprietary blend of the active components in GHBLAST which is the result of years of experimentation and anecdotal evidence analysis. 
    As consumers are increasingly becoming aware of the availability of GHBLAST sales have increased rapidly over the past year. Very few supplements attain the high percentage of repeat sales that occurs with GHBLAST. If you have not yet tried GHBLAST you're missing the boat because GHBLAST is a true investment in the quality of your life.


    Do not use if you:
    • are pregnant, nursing or trying to become pregnant
    • have a medical condition including but not limited to heart, liver, kidney, or thyroid disease, psychiatric or epileptic disorders, difficulty urinating, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, recurrent headaches, enlarged prostate or glaucoma
    • are unaware of your current health status
    • are taking any prescription or non-prescription medication including but not limited to MAO inhibitors, anti-depressants, aspirin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
    • After 8 weeks of use, take 1 week off before resuming use.
    • Discontinue at least 2 weeks prior to surgery or if you experience rapid heartbeat, dizziness, severe headache or shortness of breath.
    *The statements on this label have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, prevent, cure, or treat any diseases.
  • Fusion Menopause

    Menopause relief and support

    Fusion Health Menopause contains herbs traditionally used to assist in the management of menopause including hot flushes, excessive perspiration, headache, fatigue, sexual disinterest, menstrual irregularity, irritability, nervousness, insomnia, muscle and joint pain, skin and vaginal dryness and urinary frequency.
    Combines five respected, traditional Chinese herbs with two extensively researched Western herbs, Black Cohosh and Vitex. The Chinese herbs used in this formula provide cooling, moisturising and nourishing effects to help alleviate menopausal symptoms. Chinese Asparagus root, called Shatavari in Ayurvedic medicine, is considered a rejuvenating tonic for women. Black Cohosh and Vitex are scientifically proven to help regulate hormonal balance and support women’s health throughout all stages of menopause.
    This unique formula provides powerful pharmacological and energetic actions, which replenish deficient Liver and Kidney organ-meridian energy, and balance Yin and Yang to assist in the management of menopause from the earliest signs and symptoms through to more severe hot flushing, perspiration and dryness. Other specific benefits of this formula include aphrodisiac, analgesic (pain relief), anti-stress and anti-fatigue effects.
    For all stages of menopause (before, during and after)
    Hot flushes
    Excessive perspiration
    Skin and vaginal dryness
    Sexual disinterest
    Unique benefits
    Night sweats
    Irritability and headache
    Insomnia and fatigue
    Muscle pain

    Dosage Recommendations:

    Take 1 - 2 tablets once or twice daily
    An extra dose may be taken to enhance results or as professionally advised
    Best taken an hour away from food
    Use only as directed. Always read the label. If symptoms persist, consult a healthcare practitioner. During pregnancy, always consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before taking herbal medicines and nutritional supplements.


    Each tablet contains extracts equivalent to dry:
    Anemarrhena asphodeloides 400 mg
    Asparagus cochinchinensis (Shatavari) 400 mg
    Epimedium sagittatum (Horny Goat Weed) 400 mg
    Angelica polymorpha (Dong Quai) 375 mg
    Curculigo orchioides 375 mg
    Actaea racemosa (Black Cohosh) 350 mg
    Vitex agnus-castus 200 mg
    No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, yeast, wheat, gluten, nuts, dairy or animal products
  • Gen-Tec Ultimate Male Fuel

    The "Ultimate" Male Fuel


    Basic Functions:  

    Help libido
    Male sexual performance
    Stamina and endurance
    Gen Tec’s new improved “Ultimate Male Fuel” has been formulated and developed for males.  
    Ultimate Male Fuel contains high quality herbs including Tribulus Terrestris which now contains 80% saponins equivalent to 10% protodioscins.
    Tribulus terrestris and Epimedium Sagittatum (horny goat weed) are traditional Chinese herbal medicines which have been used for many years to help libido and support male sexual performance, stamina and endurance.   Serenoa Serrulata (saw palmetto) may assist in the management of medically diagnosed benign prostatic hypertrophy.
    These 3 herbs which help support physiological functions of the male body have been combined with zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6.
    Size:  280 ml

    Directions for use:

    Mix 10ml in pineapple juice 1 hour before training and bed.
    Note:  Cycle 4 weeks on 2 weeks off
  • NS Dream Tan


    Dream Tan Instant Skin Colour is the simple solution to achieving the best contest color in the world and is the colour of choice for bodybuilders everywhere.

    This lustrous moisture rich formula spreads easily and gives full body coverage in just one application.

    Dream Tan is made with the finest ingredients and washes off completely with soap and water. It is safe to use around the eyes and no prior tanning is necessary.

    Shade: Red Bronze. (Formula #2)

    Dream Tan Instant Skin Color is the simple solution to achieving the best contest color in the world and is the color of choice for bodybuilders everywhere.

    This lustrous moisture rich formula spreads easily and gives full body coverage in just one application.

    Dream Tan is made with the finest ingredients and washes off completely with soap and water. It is safe to use around the eyes and no prior tanning is necessary. 


  • Fitmark Transporter Backpack


    Gym bag. Travel bag. Meal Management bag. Yes, all 3 in this newly designed, and patented, custom backpack. It includes a removable BOX™ SM, and its dual cool packs and 2 oversized 4-lock seal-tight meal containers. The backpack also includes bells and whistles like a padded soft-touch lap top sleeve, custom exterior sports bottle pocket, seat belt webbing, shield embossed metal zipper pulls throughout, and a separate kicks and laundry bag. Use the custom meal management pocket for the BOX™ SM, or remove it and use it for your gym and travel accessories (as we all know we don't always carry a meal or two with us) allowing full use of the interior pockets. Now, the only thing left to do is choose the color that reps your style!

    Key Features

    2 Seal-Tight Meal Containers, BPA Free
    Fit-Tech™ compartment with soft-support panels to securely hold your 17" laptop
    Separate Kicks and laundry bag
    Fit-Form™ custom back panel for relaxed comfort and fit
    Fit-Hydrate™ pocket for your sports bottle
    2 high quality Ice Packs (2 MED - TSA Approved)
    Fit-All™ Executive-class main compartment for all your needs
    Fit-Color™ custom exterior and interior with hand-selected colorway
    Fit-Phrase™ lined interior pocket print within special pockets to keep you inspired
    Fully adjustable, dual custom padded shoulder straps for a comfortable, relaxed fit
    Custom shield embossed metal zipper pulls
    Made with the highest grade polyester and nylon

    Tech Specs

    Main Fabrics: 1000D Polyester
    Dimensions: 17.25"H x 12.5"W x 10"D
    Capacity: 2,160 Cubic inches


    Clean Transporter backpack with damp cloth as necessary. Hand wash only. Do not use detergent or bleach. Remove wet items immediately. Line dry.
  • Rule 1 R1 Whey Blend


    Everyone wants better for less. R1 WHEY BLEND delivers. Our multi-whey formula delivers max bang for buck with 24g of protein per serving.
    Plus, because it's low in lactose, it's as easy on your digestive system as it is your dollar!
    • 80%*+ protein per scoop - NO spiking
    • 24g protein/serving - 100% Pure Whey Blend
    • Naturally rich in BCAAs + Glutamine
    • Anytime protein - excellent for all types of athletes and training
    *as dry basis
    100% VALUE
     0% SPIKING 
    *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  • Amazonia RAW Organic Fermented Paleo Protein

    Raw fermented paleo protein

    Fermented, with over 13 strains of probiotics and prebiotics (food for the probiotics)
    Delicious creamy taste
    Wholefood fermentation for a complete amino acid complex
    Approx. 80% pre-digested, cultured protein
    Sugar free; very low in carbs
    Nothing artificial or synthetic
    Dairy, Wheat, GMO, Soy & Nut free
    Certified Organic, Alkalising & Vegan
    At input (based on origin) free from: Gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, corn, preservatives, additives & GMOs
    Amazonia Raw fermented paleo protein is a delicious wholefood formula that combines a nourishing sprouted base with fermented seeds and greens to create a comprehensive paleo-friendly protein blend.
    Using the unique principles of fermentation that have been in practise since the Paleolithic Age allows for high bioavailability of nutrients in a form that is gentle on the digestive system. Our special blend also includes superfoods such as whole Peruvian sacha inchi, fermented spirulina, quinoa and chia. With just under 80% digestible protein that is vegan and grain-free, Amazonia Raw fermented paleo protein provides high levels of amino acids essential for muscle development and body functioning in a wholefood form, making it the superior choice for many athletes and nutritionists. Shine Brighter.


    Fermented Paleo Wholefood Protein Blend 29.1g (Sprouted & Fermented Whole Golden Pea Protein*, Whole Sacha Inchi*, Fermented Spirulina*, Fermented Spinach*, Fermented Sweet Potato*,  Fermented Pumpkin Seed*,  Fermented Sunflower seed*, Fermented Flaxseed*, Fermented Millet*, Fermented Quinoa* & Fermented Chia* <0.05% molasses added for the fermentation process>) Natural Vanilla Organic Lucuma Blend 900mg (Natural Vanilla flavour, Organic Lucuma*, Stevia*) *Certified Organic


    Blend 3 rounded tablespoons (30g) into 200ml of water, almond milk, oat milk, rice milk, natural juice or smoothie (avoid dairy if possible). We recommend you drink plenty of spring or filtered water while taking this product.
    Choose your serving size as required:
    Active (30g serve) = 22.9g protein
    Endurance (45g serve) = 34.35g protein
    Performance (60g serve) = 45.8g protein
  • Power Organic Nori Flakes

    Nori Leaf/Flakes

    Gluten Free
    Whole 30 Paleo
    Nori seaweed (Porphyra umbilicus) is most familiar as the wrapping around sushi, and is also known as "purple Laver" due to the inky-black colour, that oddly, turns bright green when toasted. Sea Power Natural Nori is hand-harvested wild from the clean, clear Atlantic Ocean in the Canadian Maritimes then sundried on specially prepared rock fields in a timeless manner for a very low carbon footprint. With a slightly sweet, incredibly mild taste, this might just be our new nutritional power-packed favourite! 

    Suggested Uses:

    Leaf is delicious straight out of the bag, or lightly crisp-ed in a dry skillet or similar (colour will change to bright green). Use Leaf/Flakes crumbled over soups, grains, salads, stirfries, bread mixes, stocks, popcorn or any savoury dish. NOTE: Adding seaweeds to the pot when cooking legumes or pulses (like beans or lentils) can shorten cooking time.

    Nutritional Benefits

    Feel like a celebrity! With zero fat, 30% fibre, and a protein content comparable to legumes (30%), this might just be the perfect food for slimmers & Hollywood! And of all the common edible seaweeds, Natural Nori is the highest source of Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, C & E. It's also a good source of all the carotenes (eg. Vitamin A), potassium, phosphorous, magnesium and by weight, has 10 times more calcium and iron than dairy. But wait, there's more! Natural Nori contains approximately 50% soluble fibre (eg. alginate) -- a very important component of any comprehensive, wholistic dietary program for cholesterol or blood sugar management.


    1. What does it taste like?
    Often described as sweet and vaguely meaty or nutty, the flavour is SO subtle, its barely there - truly!
    Natural Nori is always our first recommendation for those culinary virgins who are scared to try seaweed, so come on! Be brave, strap on those training wheels, and give it a whirl!
    2. What is the texture like?
    Natural Nori Leaf is even softer than Dulse Leaf, and being paper thin immediately melts in the mouth -- easily chewed, easily swallowed.
    3. Is it radioactive??
    No, this seaweed is not harvested anywhere near Japan (it's Canadian), and yes, it is rigorously tested to meet human consumption standards both pre-export, and again upon import by Australian Customs/ Quarantine.
    4. Is it the same as Japanese Sushi sheets? what's the difference??
    Our Leaf is small pieces (not suitable for sushi rolling), and the Flakes are milled to a finer size/texture, so it's personal preference really!
    5. How can it be certified organic if it grows in the ocean, not on land?
    The organic convention lists strict criteria for sea vegetable harvesting, including ensuring the grow/harvest areas are well away from industry or high populations, free from heavy metals or other contaminants like pesticide residue, and specify a carefully managed harvest for rapid regrowth and long-term sustainability. 
    6. Why the allergy warning?
    This seaweed grows in the intertidal zone, supporting natural fish nurseries and other sealife so it is possible that trace amounts of shell particles (eg. periwinkles) could hitch a ride!
    This has relevance to those with crustacean/shellfish allergies.

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