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PES Erase Pro




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Do you want to feel like a chiselled brick wall? Then you want me. 
Getting that body in rock hard shape for summer? Then you want me. 
Are you in the final phase of prep for a bodybuilding show? Then you want me. 
If you have that dry, hard, defined look in mind then you want me in your gym bag. 
I’m best taken: 1 per day. 
Enjoy me in this flavour: Mango Splash, Blueberry Burst
And in this size: 177g



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  • Enviro BPA Free Drink Bottle


    Size: 1 Litr

    How do I choose the colour?

    Due to the nature in which these arrive into our store, we cannot provide individual variences on the website with stock levels.

    In comments section of the checkout please write your 1st, 2nd and 3rd colour preference and we will do our best to meet your requirments as best as we can.


    #1: Blue

    #2: Green

    #3: Pink

    Colour's to choose from:

    • Pink
    • Dark Blue
    • Light Blue
    • Purple
    • Green
    • Black
  • Smart Shake Shaker Bottle


    SmartShake is a high-quality shaker cup with three compartments to store pills and powders.
    It is made from BPA free plastic and is 100% leak-proof.
    You can use it every day, store it in the freezer, heat its contents in the microwave and wash up in the dishwasher afterwards. It’s designed for real life.
    SmartShake’s unique design is compact, yet light. And thanks to its snap-on strainer, there are no loose parts.


    20oz 600ml
  • Core 150 Shaker Cup


    Core 150™ has a number of innovative, unique and patent protected advantages which make it stand head and shoulders above other shaker cups on the market. Scroll down to be blown away by this smart revolution in shaker cups!


    Three removable compartments for pre/during/post workout intake

    Accepting just any supplements is now a thing of the past as Core 150™ allows for you to take your choice of nutrition with you at all times. Three separate compartments allow for you to insert your pre, intra and post workout supplements

    Core 150™ can carry 150 grams of powder

    Unlike any other Shaker Bottle on the market you can now store 150 grams of powder in your shaker cup, 200 if you include the shake you might have just mixed on the way out the door but who's bragging?

    No need to transport powders separately

    If, like many of us, you transported your powders around in separate containers in a desperate bid to ensure your nutrition was at hand when you needed it but later discovered you had no scoop to measure out your intake! With core 150 our individual compartments have been strategically designed to deliver 50 grams of powder alleviating any measuring issue that you once might have had.

    Not just for powder supplements

    Core 150™ can be used to transport more than just supplements. Keep fruits, snacks, vitamins or other dietary edibles on hand for throughout the day.

    Volume of liquid

    Core 150™ Shaker holds 1 litre of water when centre compartments are removed allowing for a smoother shake when powder is inserted. For maximum on the move convenience Core 150™ ensures three precise 50 gram measurements of your nutrition are at hand exactly when you need them.

    Removable compartments

    The entire centre compartment area of the Core 150™ is fully removable to increase the capacity of your bottle. This helps with mass gain powders which require more fluid than your average shaker cup can hold. The Core 150™ system also ensures maximum hydration during the day and throughout your workout.
  • Endura ENDURA Drink Bottle

    Pink & White Endura Drink Bottle

    Size: 740ml



  • BSN Aminox

    Endurance and Recovery Agent

    • Effervescent Instantized Amino Acids
    • 10 grams of Amino Acids per serving
    • Anabolic BCAA and Vitamin D
    • Efforsorb delivery system
    Over the years, BSN has supplied the supplement world with a host of novel muscle-building products. In our undying quest to bring exciting and innovative products to the marketplace, we have developed the newest supplement breakthrough with BSN’s highly-anticipated entry into the amino acid market: AMINOx – the first Effervescent Instantized Amino Acid Endurance and Recovery Agent. AMINOx is designed to support:
    • Protein Synthesis
    • Muscle Sparing
    • Recovery
    • Endurance


    • BSN®'s first effervescent instantized amino acid product
    • 10g of micronized anti-catabolic amino acids per serving!
    • 0g of sugar per serving
    • 500 IU of Vitamin D per serving
    • Non-caffeinated – can be used anytime, day or night
    • Mixes completely (no clumping)
    Other ingredients: Natural and Artificial Flavours, Silicon Dioxide, Calcium Silicate, Lecithin, Sucralose, FD & C Yellow #5, Acesulfame Potassium and FD & C Blue #2.


    As a dietary supplement, mix 1 scoop with 6-8 oz. of cold water or any beverage of your choice before, during, or after your workout.
    NOTE: To prevent settling, stir and drink immediately. To ensure maximum results: wait 20-30 minutes after taking AMINOx  before eating a meal or drinking a shake.
    NOTE: To maximize the effects of AMINOx  consume 120 oz. of water per day and a diet that is rich in protein and carbohydrates. Your body chemistry and weight will determine how long it takes to experience the effects of AMINOx. AMINOx  begins to induce its maximum effects in weeks 3-12. After 12 weeks of use, discontinue for at least 4 weeks.
    Allergen information: Contains Soy (Lecithin) ingredients. Manufactured on equipment, which processes products containing milk, eggs, soybeans, wheat, and tree nuts.
  • HTG Organic Sesame Seeds Hulled


    A small flat creamy white seed with the outer husk removed (hulled). Sesame seeds are an excellent source of manganese, copper, tryptophan, calcium and iron. Known as tahini when ground into a butter, these tiny seeds are delicious when toasted and sprinkled on grains or main dishes.

    How To Use

    Sesame seeds are very versatile - use them to make dips or add them to yummy raw cacao chocolate balls, sprinkle them on salads or add them to a stir fry.


    Organic sesame seeds
    Serving Size: 25g
    Av per 100g
    Energy (kj): 2531
    Protein (g): 22.2
    Carbohydrate (g): 0.9
    Sugars (g): 0.6
    Fat Total (g): 55.6
    Fat Saturated (g): 6.8
    Sodium (mg): 24
    Fibre (g): 10.1
  • FEMME Peach

    SALE - 50% OFF

    WAS $39.95, NOW $19.95


    PEACH skin firming cream: 
    > Helps to tone the skin and minimize bumps, dimples and bulging of upper skin layers. 
    > Moisturizes the skin and helps retain the skins natural moisture balance. 
    > Helps improve the visable texture of skin.
    Apply small amount initially to determine your tolerance to legs, thighs and buttock until cream is completely rubbed in. 
    PEACH is activated by heat. Users should therefore be careful when body temperature increases and/or when showering. Use morning and night after shower or prior to workout if you can handle the heat. Avoid sensitive areas and WASH HANDS IMMEDIATELY AFTER USE.
    Always read full label instructions prior to use
  • Eco Tan Natural Sunscreen Untinted

    Unitinted Natural Coconut Sunscreen 


    Perfect for face and body

    SPF 30 

    Broad Spectrum

    UVA/UVB Protection 

    3 Hours Water resistance


  • Riddells Creek Organic Toothpaste

    organic toothpaste 

    Riddells Creek is a premium Australian made organic toothpaste. It contains only the purest of ingredients to safely clean and protect your teeth. In keeping with the purity of the product and the brand, it contains no animal products and is not tested on animals.
    Australian Certified Organic
    SLS Free
    Flouride Free
    NO synthetic chemicals, preservatives, colours, flavours or fragrances

    Ingredients :

    Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Purified Water, Peppermint extract, Parsley extract, Thyme extract, Rosemary extract, Sage Extract, Sodium Bicarbonate, Organic Ethanol, Calcium Carbonate, Xanthan Gum, Soapwort Extract, Saponified Organic Coconut Oil and Saponified Organic Olive Oil, Organic Stevia, Spearmint Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil, Celtic Sea Salt, Olive Leaf Extract, Almond Extract, Vanilla Extract. 
  • Natrlz Ketrim Plus

    KeTrim® Natural is a comprehensive All Natural Fat Burner

    Its wide array of natural herbs and extracts aid in decreasing Body Fat Naturally in a variety of ways. This High Quality Blend Assists in delivering long lasting energy while enhancing your bodies natural fat burning capabilities. KeTrim® Natural also aids in preventing fat accumulation in the midsection, healthy digestion and blood sugar regulation.
    Although a healthy diet is always key to weight-loss, studies on ingredients found in KeTrim® Natural have been shown to reduce body weight with no change in diet. Get the natural edge you need to reach your weight-loss goals. Attack fat from every angle, with KeTrim® Natural! KeTrim is the perfect balance of repaid energy, fat oxidation and mood modulation available today.

    benefits : 

    Garcinia Cambogia (60% HCA) allows for more efficient fat burning by blocking dietary carbohydrates from being converted into fat. CLA which aids in blocking fat storing enzymes.
    Green Coffee Bean Extract allows the body to keep blood sugar levels stable throughout the day.
    Raspberry Ketones raises the body's internal temperature resulting in additional calories burned throughout the day.
    Natural Caffeine works synergistically with the other all natural ingredients to dramatically aid in weight loss.


    Average Quantity Per Serve (4g in 400ml) Energy 10.5kJ (2.5 Cal) Protein 0g Fat - Total 0.5g Carbohydrate - Total 0g COMPOSITIONAL INFORMATION Caffeine 125mg Niacin 10mg Vitamin B6 1mg Vitamin B12 3mcg Pantothenic Acid 5mg CONTAINS CAFFEINE


    Polydextrose, Food Acid (Citric Acid), High Linoleic Acid, Ricinenic Acid, Brindleberry Powder, Natural Caffeine Anhydrous, Green Coffee Bean Powder, Raspberry Ketone Powder, Bitter Orange Powder, Flavours, Sweetener (Erythritol), Food Acid (Malic Acid), Natural Sweetener (Stevia Extract), Anticaking Agent (Silicon Dioxide), Niacinamide, Calcium d-Pantothenate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Cyanocobalamin. May be present: Gluten Cereals, Milk, Soy, Peanuts, Tree Nuts and Eggs Serving Suggestion: Mix 1 Scoop (4g) with 250 - 400ml cold water, shake well and drink. Best taken once in the morning before a meal and/or 30 minutes before training Formulated Caffeinated Beverage: Not suitable for children under the age of 15, pregnant or lactating women. It should only be used under medical or dietetic supervision. Not suitable for individuals sensitive to caffeine.

    how to use :

    Mix 1/2 Scoop (4g) with cold water, shake well and drink. For optimal results, take once in the morning befor a meal and then again in the afternoon before a meal. Consume no more than 1 scoop (800ml) per day.

    Warning :

    Always read the label in full before consuming. Excess consumptio may have a laxative effect.
  • Natures Sunshine Pau D'Arco 500mg

    Pau D'Arco

    Pau D’Arco, also known as Taheebo or Lapacho, is a South American tree with a native tradition of use of the bark as an antifungal agent and to assist general well-being.


    Nature’s Sunshine Pau D’arco is sustainably sourced from Brazil in South America and uses the inner stem bark from the violet-flowered tree, reported to contain the most medicinal benefits.
    Traditionally used as an antifungal.
    May assist in general health and well-being.


    Handroanthus heptaphyllus (Pau d'arco) inner stem bark powder 500mg 


    Adults: Take two capsules with a meal three times daily.


    Not recommended for use during pregnancy or lactation. 
    Take two hours away from all prescription medications 
    Prolonged use of high doses of Pau D’Arco is not recommended. 


    Yeast, lactose, soy, starch, sugars or salt, wheat products, artificial colourings and flavourings, or preservatives.
    Always read the label if symptoms persist contact your health care practitioner.
  • 2DIE4 Live Foods Activated Organic Vegan Muesli

    Activated Organic Muesli

    2Die4's very popular and delicious Organic Muesli. Great with fresh fruit salad and yoghurt of your choice. Low GI, Gluten free and Vegan.


    Made from local and imported ingredients.


    ALL nuts and seeds organic and activated unless otherwise stated.
    Almonds, Buckwheat, Sunflowers*, Pepitas, Pecans, Pistachios, Sultanas, Cranberries, Coconut, Rolled Quinoa, Rolled Amaranth, Certified Organic Australian Salt, Water.
    *These sunflower seeds are organically grown, but are not yet certified organic.
  • ON Glutamine


    Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body and plays an important role in muscle. During prolonged periods of intense exercise glutamine levels can be depleted which may limit protein synthesis.
    Our Glutamine Powder is a simple way to supplement your diet with this amino acid. Just one table spoon of Glutamine Powder provides more glutamine than 4 jumbo eggs, 4 oz. of lean beef, ¾ cup of soybeans or a 4 oz. chicken breast.
    Because it’s unflavored and instantized for easy mixing, you can add the powder into fruit juice, protein shakes or your favorite weight gain formulaMade with Pure L-Glutamine
    Made with Pure L-Glutamine
    Unflavored Versatility
    Add to Protein & Shakes
    Mixes Easily with a Spoon
    May support Muscle Recovery Efforts

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