Non-Whey based Protein

  • Amazonia RAW Oganic Slim & Tone Protein

    Amazonia Raw Slim and Tone Protein provides a nourishing yet filling sprouted protein base with nutrient-dense herbs and specific alkalising greens to help combat the real issues of weight gain.
    $74.95 AUD
    inc. GST
  • Amazonia RAW Organic Fermented Paleo Protein

    Amazonia Raw Fermented Paleo Protein  is a delicious wholefood formula that combines a nourishing sprouted base with fermented seeds and greens to create a comprehensive paleo-friendly protein blend.

    $44.95 AUD
    inc. GST
  • ATP 100% Noway HCP Protein

    ATP 100% Noway HCP Protein is a specific combination of bioactive dietary peptide from hydrolysed bovine collagen.
    $69.95 AUD
    inc. GST
    AUD79.95 save 13%
  • Bulletproof Upgraded Collagen Protein

    Bulletproof Upgraded Collagen Protein is the gold standard for achieving the fastest possible healthy tissue repair, muscle matrix, bone renewal and recovery after exercise! It can boost mental clarity, reduce inflammation, upgrade your skin, and it mixes easily with other foods and shakes thanks to its neutral taste.

    $74.95 AUD
    inc. GST
    AUD89.95 save 17%
  • Dymatize Elite Casein

    DYMATIZE ELITE CASEIN provides 24 grams of slow-digesting casein protein per serving. Dymatize 100% Casein is specifically designed to digest more slowly in your body than other rapid release protein sources, such as whey. This slow digestion is a result of the natural pH sensitivity of casein protein in the digestive track. 

    $74.95 AUD
    inc. GST
    AUD99.95 save 25%
  • Eden Health Ultimate Protein

    Eden Health Ultimate Protein uses certified organic sprouted biofermented raw wholegrain brown rice protein with one of the highest protein percentages of any raw vegan protein powder on the market.

    $59.95 AUD
    inc. GST
  • Gelatin Health Muscle Repair - Premium Beef Collagen

    Gelatin Health Muscle Repair - Premium Beef Collagen
    $8.95 AUD
    inc. GST
  • Gelatin Health Soft Skin

    Gelatin Health Soft Skin
    $39.95 AUD
    inc. GST
    AUD44.95 save 11%
  • Giant Collagen Complete

    Giant Collagen Complete is a gluten-free, non-GMO product that is both Keto & Paleo friendly and contains hydrolyzed Type 1 and Type 3 collagen peptides solely from pasture raised, grass-fed bovine sources.
    $49.95 AUD
    inc. GST
    AUD59.95 save 17%
  • Giant Delicious Casein

    Giant Delicious Casein is an incredibly tasty, slow digesting protein on a mission to support your muscles and lost nutritint recovery. Take me if you want a gluten free, low carb serving of slow release protein.

    $54.95 AUD
    inc. GST
    AUD69.95 save 21%
  • GOL RAW Protein

    GOL RAW Protein is a excellent source of protein from RAW organic sprouts with no fillers, artificial flavours or synthetic nutrients to increase the protein content of your mean. Easily digested – supports digestive health and function with live probiotics and protein-digesting enzymes

    $44.95 AUD
    inc. GST
    AUD69.95 save 36%
  • Hemp Foods Organic Hemp Protein

    Hemp Foods Organic Hemp Protein contains all the amino acids in great proportions and as well as being voted the best raw protein, it is the best gluten free, vegan protein and plant based protein known to man!
    $34.95 AUD
    inc. GST