About Wicked NRG


Wicked NRG opened its doors in the Northern Territory with the intention of being able to support not only the Bodybuilding community and gym goers, but everyone, in every sport and people in all walks of life.

From Endurance Athletes, Extreme Athletes, daily walkers, stressed Executives and Mums, Tradies working out in the heat all day, to active kids whose mums can’t keep up with the food supply to their fast growing bodies.

We love helping Athletes work out exactly what it is that their bodies need to ensure that every single session, workout, game or match is maximised and their recovery is spot on so that their next session is even better.

We have an immense desire to improve the lives of highly stressed, tired, aching, overweight, and unwell individuals through the education of a good healthy diet coupled with the correct Bodybuilding Supplements, Sport Supplements, Health Supplements, Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Superfoods and Organic Wholefoods.

And for those who are always looking to be their best and keep pushing beyond the norm, our huge range of Bodybuilding Supplements and Sports Supplements, together with the additional Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs your body will need to endure everything you throw at it, are all at your fingertips at Wicked NRG.


Our Bodybuilding and Sports Supplements Range

Pushing your boundaries weekly and daily and expecting your body to give you the results you would like, in a World where our food is not so perfect anymore requires supplementation.  Optimise your results by chatting to one of our very passionate Team who live the lifestyle on a daily basis and are a wealth of knowledge.

Do you need more energy on a daily basis, would you like to build muscle, increase your recovery, stay lean, increase your stamina, lose weight and improve your diet, immune system and your general overall health and wellbeing?

If you are not sure what you need, give us a call and have a chat to one of our Team.  Or pop into our Yarrawonga Village Supplements super store. We can help you find the right supplements to help you achieve the results you want.

Value for Money?

Everyone is looking for value for money and although we stock cheap supplements, they are also some of the best protein powders, pre workout supplements, best amino acids and the biggest brands and best supplements available on the market, so you are also getting value for money.

As Wicked NRG continues to grow we have been able to increase our buying power to ensure we can bring you these amazing brands at the best possible price.

What Brands and What Supplements do we stock?

With Major Brands like USPlabs, Dorian Yates, APS, MyoLabs, Scivation Xtend, Rule 1, Metabolic Nutrition, PhD, ALR Industries, PB2, Nutrex, MusclePharm, BSN, Beast, Body Science BSc, MuscleTech, Cellucor, Dymatize, Optimum Nutrition, Evogen, Scitec, Bronx, Wild Bull, EPHlabs, bpmlabs, Endura, Hammer, Fusion Health, Herbs of Gold, Ethical Nutrients, Inner Health, Clif.  With a massive range of Discount Supplements including, preworkouts, Intra Workouts, Protein Bars, Mass Gainers, Weight Loss products, Thermogenics, Creatine, Post Workout Supplements, Energy Gels, Energy Bars, Rehydration Formulas, Amino Acids including Glutamine, BCAA’s, and many more.

More than Just a Supp Shop

We also stock an excellent range of Superfoods, Oils, Spreads, and Organic Wholefoods including Flours, Gluten Free Flours, Nuts and Seeds, Coconut Products, Cacao, Raw Honey and other natural sweeteners, so keep a lookout on our site for this upcoming exciting addition, you will find some already listed under Health Foods.

AND :-)

To top it off our range also includes Protein Shakers, Smart Shakers, Water Bottles, Gym Wear, T-shirts, and Caps.


We offer Express Post for most purchases, ensuring fast delivery to all areas of Australia, including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Alice Springs and any other regional area of Australia