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Gelatin Health Joint Care


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Stimulating joint cartilage cell growth.
Increasing mobility range of movement
Reducing inflammation joint pain
Strengthening and improving the condition of skin, hair & nails
Maintaining joint integrity
Supporting general health & well being.
Hydrolysed for easy absorption.
Bio Active Collagen Peptide
Neutral taste and odour.
No fat or cholesterol.
No additives or colouring agents.
Excellent solubility in either hot or cold water.
Today, about 25% of people suffer from joint problems. This number is increasing constantly. The leading reason is wear and tear of the joint cartilage due to mechanical stress and age. One of the primary elements of joint cartilage is the protein collagen – it makes up some 70% of cartilage mass. By ingesting a source of collagen regularly, enables signals to be sent to cartilage cells to produce more collagen, thus helping to relieve joint pain and helping joints to become smooth and mobile.
Joint Care is a bioactive (readily available) collagen peptide that is able to stimulate the growth of new joint cartilage. It is possible to alleviate the pain from the wear and tear effects brought about by the activities of life, sport, work and the natural aging process by taking as little as 5 grams per day. Joint Care helps people with joint problems to regain mobility and provide an enhanced quality of life.


5 grams per day – more if required – in water or liquid of your choice.
Will dissolve in hot or cold liquid
Keep some in your cupboard and add to shakes and smoothies to provide a wide range of health benefits.