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ADRENAL SWITCH™ is a 100% natural formula designed to SWITCH OFF your stress and SWITCH ON your recovery with the perfect combination of standardised Ashwagandha extract, highly bioavailable Magnesium Citrate, Zinc Aspartate, B6, and L-Theanine to regulate cortisol, increase strength and much more.
Recovery is paramount after every training or exercise session. If you are not optimising recovery, then you will never achieve your best results. At Switch Nutrition™, we set out to develop the perfect adrenal formula by combining the above key nutrients with L-Leucine to SWITCH ON protein synthesis (muscle repair) and Glycine to SWITCH OFF muscle breakdown. 
ADRENAL SWITCH™ helps support your adrenals to improve your results, reduce your stress and increase your performance. With over 75% of our population magnesium deficient, it’s time to flick the SWITCH and maximise fat burning, muscle building and recovery with ADRENAL SWITCH™. 

Directions for use:

After Training: Consume one (1) serving of Adrenal Switch™ in 300 - 500 ml (10 - 17 oz) of water after training for recovery.
Before Bed: Consume one (1) serving of Adrenal Switch™ in 300 - 500 ml (10 - 17 oz) of water before bed to improve sleep.


ADRENAL SWITCH™ has several key ingredients that assist in helping your body adapt more efficiently to stress. It doesn’t matter if the stress is physical, emotional or psychological, ADRENAL SWITCH™ will help you adapt faster. If you are pushing yourself physically, then ADRENAL SWITCH™ will help support protein synthesis (muscle repair), reduce catabolism (muscle damage), enhance energy restoration, boost fatty acid mobilization (fat burning) and improve your nervous system recovery. These combined benefits of ADRENAL SWITCH™ allow you to achieve your goals faster and recover quicker.
Yes, ADRENAL SWITCH™ has multiple ingredients that work synergistically to regulate or lower cortisol. The key term here is ‘REGULATE.’ Many people suffer from elevated cortisol due to chronic stress, and ADRENAL SWITCH™ is designed to help lower this cortisol. However, there are also people with chronically low cortisol (Adrenal Fatigue) that would greatly benefit from ADRENAL SWITCH™ as it allows their body to better produce and respond to adrenal hormones.
No. The studies on increasing testosterone were conducted in men. However, women do need testosterone and other sex hormones. Often stress creates a situation called the ‘Pregnenolone Steal’ where your body is using pregnenolone (the master hormone) to produce cortisol, therefore creating a hormone imbalance with lowered progesterone, estrogen and testosterone (see diagram). By controlling stress with ADRENAL SWITCH™ you allow the harmony and balance to return, which may enhance libido, energy, mood and lean muscle whilst reducing water retention and enhancing weight loss.
ADRENAL SWITCH™ may assist with sleep and improve sleep quality, but it is a calming formula not a sedative. Therefore, if you use it during the day it won’t make you drowsy, it will support a calm focused energy. However, if you use it at night or before bed it may help you wind down, get to sleep and stay asleep. This high-quality sleep will provide you with the best environment for recovery and energy the next day.
Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) is a key ingredient in ADRENAL SWITCH™. It is an ayurvedic herb that has been used for centuries to support immune function, reduce fatigue, improve performance and enhance recovery. Recent studies support the use of Ashwagandha standardised to 15mg of Withanolide (the amount found in ADRENAL SWITCH™) for boosting testosterone, lowering cortisol, increasing strength and supporting muscle recovery. Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb that allows your body to adapt to stress and exercise faster. It does this by supporting adrenal function and improving adrenal receptor sensitivity.
More than 75% of our population is magnesium deficient and if you are exercising regularly then there is probably a 95% chance you are deficient, unless you are using a supplement. Magnesium is an essential mineral involved in more than 600 biochemical processes within the human body. It helps with energy production, muscle development, neurotransmitter regulation, relaxation, fat burning, improved cardiac output, DNA repair, muscle cramp prevention and much more. We have used Magnesium Citrate in ADRENAL SWITCH™ as it’s the gold standard due to high bioavailability. Magnesium Citrate is more than 60% more bioavailable than other forms of magnesium, providing you better results and faster recovery.
No. L-theanine is a unique amino acid found in green tea leaves. It can take the edge off stimulants and smooth out their effect. This means you won’t get a massive crash after using stimulants. Also, L-theanine is considered a calming nootropic. It allows for heightened mental clarity without promoting a busy mind. Almost calm energy!! This doesn’t mean L-theanine will keep you awake. In fact, multiple studies have been conducted on the use of L-theanine before bed to enhance sleep with positive results.
Zinc is an essential mineral which is deficient in approximately 85% of our population. It is involved in supporting immune function, hormone production, brain health, cellular regeneration, muscle repair, enzyme production, stress management, digestion, metabolic enhancement and much more. Without sufficient zinc our body won’t look, feel and perform at 100%. In combination with the right levels of Magnesium and B6, Zinc has been found to assist with recovery and relaxation. Also, Zinc is critical in the production of testosterone which leads to greater lean muscle tissue, increased libido and less body fat. ADRENAL SWITCH™ uses a highly bioavailable form of Zinc called Zinc Aspartate for the best results.
Yes. One of the reasons we developed ADRENAL SWITCH™ was to provide people with a natural, non-dairy, gluten free adrenal support formula that tastes great, is affordable and gets results. PLUS... we haven’t harmed any animals in the production of ADRENAL SWITCH™.
ADRENAL SWITCH™ like ALL other SWITCH NUTRITION™ products is 100% open label. This means all active ingredients are clearly illustrated on the tub or sachet. No hidden fillers and no proprietary blends. Just 100% quality.
ADRENAL SWITCH™ is formulated based on the leading research available and manufactured in a HACCP and GMP certified facility. In addition to this we independently LAB TEST each batch for purity and potency. This process guarantees the highest quality product and provides the best results.
We recommend using AMINO SWITCH™ together with ADRENAL SWITCH™ after training to maximise recovery and support lean muscle development. Also, AMINO SWITCH™ is virtually calorie free so it may help support your weight loss goals.  ADRENAL SWITCH™ is a great partner to THERMAL SWITCH™ or POWER SWITCH™. Both products contain stimulants to help you power through your workouts. However, we have designed them so you don’t crash afterwards. This is generally seen as a benefit but it may mean they keep you awake if taken late at night. ADRENAL SWITCH™ may help calm your Central Nervous System (CNS) after your workout allowing you to get a rested night’s sleep.ADRENAL SWITCH™ may also be a great partner for KETO SWITCH™. Low carb or ketogenic diets can disrupt sleep patterns and ADRENAL SWITCH™ may be the saviour you are looking for.
Yes, you can. We recommend 1 – 3 servings per day. We always suggest starting with one (1) serving and building up. Ideally, use ADRENAL SWITCH™ after exercise to SWITCH ON recovery and before bed to help improve sleep.
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  • PSA Instantised WPI


    Fast Release Protein
    Think Pure… Eat Natural
    Our WPI is an Instantized Whey Protein Isolate which is extracted from dairy whey.Proprietary membrane techniques are used to yield a highly pure, nutritionally superior and undenatured protein. Our WPI goes through an instantising process (using non-gmo soy lecithin of 0.2% of total product) that allows it to mix easy with liquids.
    You don't have to be 'THE HULK' to use our WPI! This is for all walks of life, whether it be your post workout shake for fast absorbing amino acids(protein) or looking for a high protein alternative with low fat and carbs to assist in your weight loss journey!


    • High Protein
    • Gluten Free
    • 98% Lactose Free
    • GMO Free

    Serving suggestions:

    Shake, blend or stir 30g (2 heaped tablespoons) of Whey protein into 200-300ml of your favourite beverage and enjoy! Consume 1-3 servings daily, depending on your daily dietary requirements as advised by your health care professional.


    Instantized Cross Flow Undenatured Whey Protein Isolate, Soy lecithin (0.2% of total product for instantisation) (Flavours: Natural Chocolate and Vanilla, Stevia, Cocoa, Vanilla)
    Contains milk and dairy products. May contain traces of soy.
    Manufactured and packed in Australia.
  • ON Gold Standard 100% Whey



    The True Story of Whey

    Whey Protein Isolates (WPI) are the purest form of whey protein that currently exists. WPI’s are costly to use, but rate among the best proteins that money can buy. That’s why they’re the first ingredient you read on the Gold Standard 100% Whey label. By using WPI as the primary ingredient along with premium ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate (WPC), we’re able to pack 24 grams of muscle-building protein into every serving. ON’s attention to detail also extends to mixability. This superior quality powder has been instantized to mix easily using a shaker cup or just a glass and spoon. There’s no doubt that this is the standard which all other whey proteins are measured.

    Beyond The Basics

    • Nearly 79% Protein by weight (24g of protein per 30.4g serve)
    • Whey Protein Isolates (WPI) Main Ingredient
    • Whey Protein Microfractions form Whey Protein Isolates & Ultra-Filtered Whey Protein Concentrate
    • Over 4 Grams of Glutamine & Glutaminc Acid in Each Serving
    • More Than 5 Grams of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) Leucine, Isoleucine & Valine in Each Serving
    • The "Gold Standard" for Protein Quality
    *Numbers may vary between flavours
    *Mocha Cappuccino flavour contains 15mg of naturally occurring caffeine per serving.


    (Shaker, Blender) Spoon Stirred- Gold Standard 100% Whey is INSTANTIZED. That means if your forget your shaker cup or don't have time to get out the blender, just add one rounded scoop to a glass filled with 6-8 oz of water or your favourite beverage. Then mix it up with a spoon. Stir for about 30 seconds or until powder is completely dissolved.
    Think outside the glass: Gold Standard 100% Whey can be used for more than just protein shakes. Try mixing a scoop into oatmeal, yoghurt, or the milk that you pour over your morning cereal. Better yet, increase the protein content of muffins, cookies, brownies, ect. by adding a scoop or two to your backed goods recipies.
    Tip: Adjust the intensity of your shake by varying the amount of liquid that you use. For a bolder flavour with slightly more body and sweetness, mix each scoop with 4-6 oz of water, milk or your favourite beverage.

    Suggested use

    Consume enough protein to meet your daily protein requirements through a combination of high protein foods and protein supplements. For the best results, consume your daily potein allotment over several small meals spread evenly throughout the day.
    100% of the Protein from WHEY
    Do not use as a sole source of nutrition. Intended for healthy adults over the age of 18. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place.
    Allergen Information: Contains Milk and Soy (Lecithin) ingredients.


    • Vanilla Ice Cream: 1lb, 2lb, 5lb, 10lb
    • French Vanilla: 2lb, 5lb
    • Chocolate Malt: 2lb, 5lb
    • Choc Coconut: 5lb
    • White Chocolate: 5lb
    • Choc Hazelnut: 2lb
    • Extreme Milk Choc: 2lb, 5lb, 10lb
    • Double Rich Choc: 1lb, 2lb,5lb, 10lb
    • Chocolate Mint: 2lb, 5lb
    • Delicious Strawberry: 2lb, 5lb, 10lb
    • Strawberry Banana: 5lb
    • Banana Cream: 2lb, 5lb, 10lb
    • Rocky Road: 5lb, 10lb
    • Cookies & Cream: 2lb, 5lb, 10lb
    • Coffee: 5lb
    • Mocha Cappuccino: 2lb, 5lb
  • Fusion Revital 8

    New Extra Strength Antioxidant Formula

    Fusion Health Revital 8 Resveratrol & Green Tea combines scientifically researched, high strength polyphenol antioxidants. Promotes healthy ageing by helping to reduce the risk of oxidative cell damage that occurs during normal metabolism and from exposure to sun, pollution, alcohol and stress.
    Revital 8 is a powerful combination of specific Chinese and Western herbs that are rich sources of polyphenol antioxidants. The key to the formula is the variety of scientifically evidenced polyphenols which provide greater overall benefits than taking any single polyphenol or antioxidant herb.
    Revital 8 helps reduce the oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol and maintains healthy levels of HDL (good) cholesterol to support cardiovascular health. It also detoxifies, and provides immune and cell regulating effects to maintain normal health of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, prostate, skin, eyes, blood vessels and joints.
    Research shows that polyphenol antioxidants found in Revital 8 can inhibit inflammation and oxidative cell damage, two of the most fundamental and powerful ways to help improve general health and limit many common complaints associated with ageing.

    A powerful antioxidant formula to:

    Promote healthy ageing
    Help maintain healthy cholesterol
    Support cardiovascular health
    Maintain healthy skin, liver and eyes
    Inhibit inflammation
    Reduce oxidative damage
    Enhance the body’s antioxidant

    Dosage Recommendations:

    Take 1 tablet once daily
    Intensive therapy: Take 1 tablet two or three times daily
    An extra dose may be taken to enhance results or as professionally advised
    Not to be taken during pregnancy
    For children under 12 years take as professionally advised
    Use only as directed. Always read the label. If symptoms persist consult a healthcare practitioner.


    Each tablet contains extracts equivalent to dry:
    Fallopia japonica (Japanese Knotweed)  80,000mg
    equiv. to resveratrol 200mg
    Vitis vinifera (Grape Seed)  12,640mg - equiv. to procyanidins 100mg
    Silybum marianum (Milk Thistle) 6,250mg - equiv. to silybin 75mg
    Camellia sinensis (Green Tea) 5,630mg - equiv. to catechins 140mg
    Curcuma longa (Turmeric) 3,080mg - equiv. to curcuminoids 100mg
    Piper nigrum (Black Pepper) 400mg - equiv. to piperine 8mg
    No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, yeast, wheat, gluten, nuts, dairy or animal products
    Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • Bronx Knee Wrap Medium

    Bronx Medium Knee Wrap

    Anybody squatting and leg-pressing regularly in the gym knows knees can get sore.  
    You may feel a little more support and stability can help you train a bit harder or a little longer.  
    This wrap is made to support the knee and provide reinforcement for repetitive medium resistance workouts.  
    Elasticised and made for comfort.
    One size fits all.
  • SWITCH Nutrition Thermal Switch


    THERMAL SWITCH™ combines the perfect blend of energizing, mood enhancing and metabolic boosting nutrients to provide you with the ultimate thermogenic. THERMAL SWITCH™ utilizes the synergy of standardized plant extracts, antioxidants, amino acids and critical co-factors to boost energy expenditure, control appetite, increase alertness, enhance focus and prolong energy.
    THERMAL SWITCH™ features scientifically proven levels of Acetyl L-Carnitine, Caffeine and Epigallocatechin Gallate from Green Tea to support fat metabolism and enhance weight loss. With added L-tyrosine to for thyroid function Thermal Switch™ is sure to deliver in all areas.Nootropics are a class of compounds that help enhance neurotransmitter production to boost mental performance, energy, alertness, memory, mood and reduce fatigue. THERMAL SWITCH™ has harnessed the power of nootropics to boost your results.

    THERMAL SWITCH .  faq’s

    THERMAL SWITCH™ has several key ingredients that are clinically proven to boost your metabolism, increase energy, stabilise blood sugar levels, control appetite, elevate mood and enhance thermogenesis (heat production). The key is the precise blend of these ingredients that THERMAL SWITCH™ contains.
    Firstly, THERMAL SWITCH™ will noticeably increase your energy, elevate your mood and enhance your desire to simply get shit done! This is achieved with the perfect balance of stimulants and nootropics found in THERMAL SWITCH™. Secondly, you may start to notice a slight increase in your core temperature and if by this stage you are exercising, you may perspire at a higher rate. This is your body converting fat into heat energy. Be sure to stay well hydrated. Finally, one of the most noticeable benefits of THERMAL SWITCH™ is the profound appetite control. You may not feel hungry for hours after the first dose. This may help you reduce your calorie intake and allow you to burn more fat as fuel.
    Nootropics are defined as nutrients that elevate or enhance brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters include Adrenaline, Dopamine, Serotonin, Acetyl Choline and more. When elevated, these neurotransmitters signal many processes in the body that lead to enhanced cognitive function, focus, energy, motivation and fat burning. THERMAL SWITCH™ contains the following nutrients considered nootropic... L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, Caffeine, 2-amino Isoheptane, Theobromine, Hordenine and Acetyl L-Carnitine.
    There are several synergistic ingredients contained in THERMAL SWITCH™. Recently a study combining EGCG (form Green Tea), Caffeine and Acetyl L-Carnitine demonstrated a 303% greater reduction in bodyfat and a 380% greater reduction in waist size than placebo. This supports the thousands of studies already performed individually on Green Tea, Caffeine and Acetyl L-Carnitine.
    It’s possible. Our Beta-Testers who monitored Blood Pressure (BP) and Heart Rate (HR) found while there was a slight rise in HR, their BP remained level until exercise commenced. If you have a high BP or HR or are on medication for either then you should avoid using THERMAL SWITCH™ until you have cleared it with your health care provider.
    No. THERMAL SWITCH™ has been specifically designed to provide an elevated mood, not a jittery anxious feeling. This is achieved by balancing the release of Adrenaline and Dopamine.
    No, for the same reason you won’t feel anxious. The perfect balance between Adrenaline and Dopamine has been achieved. Also, L-Theanine helps to extend the effect of the stimulants found in THERMAL SWITCH™.
    There is 250mg of Caffeine per serve. This is equivalent to over 2 cups of strong coffee. Keep in mind there are other stimulants in THERMAL SWITCH™ so you should always test your tolerance with no more than ½ a serve initially.
    Yes, you can. However, THERMAL SWITCH™ is missing the fundamental pump and lactic acid buffering ingredients found in POWER SWITCH™ (pre-workout). Also, the thermogenic ingredients in THERMAL SWITCH™ may have you sweating through your weight sessions.
    You can if you regularly have stimulants at night. However, we recommend having it earlier in the day. The energy is very long lasting so we also suggest having ADRENAL SWITCH™ on hand in the event you have trouble going to sleep.
    There are no ingredients currently listed on the ASADA or WADA banned substance list found in THERMAL SWITCH™ at this time. However, the banned substance list is updated regularly and we can’t guarantee certain ingredients won’t return a false positive test. We recommend checking with your governing body before using THERMAL SWITCH™ or any other supplement.
    No. THERMAL SWITCH™ is a powerful stimulant-based supplement that should only be used by adults or under adult supervision.
    No. THERMAL SWITCH™ is a powerful stimulant and should not be used when pregnant or breastfeeding.
    It depends. You should always check with your health care provider before using THERMAL SWITCH™ or any other supplements.
    No. THERMAL SWITCH™ has a concentrated blend of natural amino acids, herbs and synthetic ingredients perfectly formulated for the best result possible.
    Yes. THERMAL SWITCH™ is one of the few thermogenic supplements tested to be gluten and lactose FREE. PLUS... We haven’t harmed any animals in the production of THERMAL SWITCH™.
    THERMAL SWITCH™ like ALL other SWITCH NUTRITION™ products is 100% open label. This means all active ingredients are clearly illustrated on the tub or sachet. No hidden fillers and no proprietary blends. Just 100% RESULTS.
    THERMAL SWITCH™ is formulated based on the leading research available and manufactured in a HACCP and GMP certified facility. In addition to this we independently LAB TEST each batch for purity and potency. This process guarantees the highest quality product and provides the best results.
    We recommend using AMINO SWITCH™ together with THERMAL SWITCH™ before training to reduce muscle breakdown and to prolong the thermogenic benefits. Also, AMINO SWITCH™ is virtually calorie free so it may help support your weight loss goals.ADRENAL SWITCH™ is a great partner to THERMAL SWITCH™. ADRENAL SWITCH™ may help calm your Central Nervous System (CNS) after your workout allowing you to get a rested night’s sleep.KETO SWITCH™ stacks perfectly with THERMAL SWITCH™ as it helps you get into and stay in a state of ketosis while you are on a low carb or calorie restricted diet. It may also help reduce food cravings while supporting mood, energy and mental cognition.
    Yes, you can. We recommend 1 – 2 servings per day. We always suggest starting with ½ a serve and building up. We also recommend you have 1 to 2 days every week off stimulants entirely to reset your sensitivity. On these 1 - 2 days we recommend using KETO SWITCH™ and ADRENAL SWITCH™ to help maintain your weight loss goals 
  • SWITCH Nutrition Keto Switch


    KETO SWITCH™ is an exogenous ketone formula containing over 10g goBHB™ (BetaHydroxybutyrate) per serve to help SWITCH ON Ketosis. In a state of ketosis, your body burns more fat, increases energy, enhances brain function, lowers inflammation, controls blood sugar, improves insulin sensitivity and assists in fighting food cravings.
    KETO SWITCH™ combines a precise blend of ketogenic amino acids (1000mg of L-Leucine & 1000mg of Taurine), C-8 MCT oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides), 500mg of Acetyl L-Carnitine, goBHB™ Ketones plus critical co-factors to power your energy and performance. 
    KETO SWITCH™ is useful for people who are attempting a ketogenic, low carb or intermittent fasting nutritional protocol.
    KETO SWITCH™ also helps support performance, reduce muscle damage and increase metabolic processes in non-ketogenic athletes.


    Directions for use:

    Ketosis: Consume one (1) serving of Keto Switch™ in 400 - 600 ml (13.5 - 20 oz) of water upon rising 30 – 60
    Performance: Consume one (1) serving of Keto Switch™ in 400 - 600 ml (13.5 - 20 oz) of water 30 – 60 minutes
    Mental Clarity: Consume one (1) serving of Keto Switch™ in 400 - 600 ml (13.5 - 20 oz) of water 30 minutes befor
    Gluten, Lactose and Soy Free
    Note: Made on a production line that also produces products containing Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Egg, Nuts and Seeds

    KETO SWITCH .  faq’s

    Ketones are arguably the preferred source of energy for our brains and we use them very efficiently. There are multiple mechanisms involved in the mental improvements seen in ketogenic subjects, including a reduction in the mental decline of those suffering from Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Parkinson’s. Much of these benefits may be due to the improved blood sugar management seen with ketones.Other benefits may include improved brain mitochondrial function, reduced inflammation and increased BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor). BDNF is a naturally occurring hormone that protects and repairs your brain cells, increases the growth of new brain cells, and improves learning, memory and mood. In fact, many researchers consider it a natural antidepressant. Research suggests that if you struggle with mental illness, brain fog or poor brain function, you likely have reduced levels of BDNF. Ketones from KETO SWITCH™ may help to enhance the production of BDNF.For every 1.0 m/mol of ketones in the blood there is approximately a 10% improvement in brain function. It’s not unheard of for people get their ketones up to 4.0 or 5.0 m/mol which may see a 40-50% improvement in mental processing speed and creativity. You may want to consider using KETO SWITCH™ prior to those important meetings or mentally demanding tasks.
    goBHB™ (Beta Hydroxybutyrate) which is the main ingredient in KETO SWITCH™ is very safe and 100% natural. We use goBHB™ because it has GRAS certification and is manufactured in a HACCP and GMP certified facility. goBHB™ is also Informed Choice™ approved. Look for the goBHB™ logo on your keto product to make sure you are getting the purist and highest quality product.
    To get most out of KETO SWITCH™ we recommend a lower carb (less than 100g/day) or ketogenic (less than 50g/day) diet. However, we understand that low carb or ketogenic diets are hard to maintain so we find using a 16:8 intermittent fasting approach works incredibly effectively. For more information please check out our blog on intermittent fasting @ www.switchnutrition.com.au.
    Within 20–30 minutes you could be in full ketosis depending on your diet and when you consumed KETO SWITCH™. It may keep you in ketosis for 3-4 hours.
    L-Carnitine is critically involved in the transportation of fats into the mitochondria to be used as fuel. Therefore, L-Carnitine should help to improve fat metabolism. L-Carnitine also helps to improve hormone responsiveness which may result in improved insulin sensitivity. In addition, Acetyl L-Carnitine passes through the blood brain barrier allowing for improved Acetyl Choline production. Acetyl Choline is a neurotransmitter involved in critical thinking, creativity, alertness, memory and hand eye co-ordination.SWITCH™. It may keep you in ketosis for 3-4 hours.
    Not everyone experiences this benefit but it is easily explained. KETO SWITCH™ improves GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) production and uptake. GABA enhances mood and reduces anxiety. This makes KETO SWITCH™ the perfect product for people under stress who can’t sleep or suffer from depression or anxiety.
    Yes, we wanted to produce an industry-leading naturally sweetened exogenous ketone supplement that would be suitable for everyone. Plus... we haven’t harmed any animals in the production of KETO SWITCH™.
    KETO SWITCH™ like ALL other SWITCH NUTRITION™ products is 100% Open Label. This means all active ingredients are clearly illustrated on the tub or sachet. No hidden fillers and no proprietary blends. Just 100% RESULTS.
    We recommend using AMINO SWITCH™ as an almost ZERO calorie protein alternative. If you are trying to stay in ketosis and burn fat both carbohydrates and proteins can bump you out of ketosis. AMINO SWITCH™ supplies the equivalent protein (amino acids) of 35g WPI but without the calories that can convert to glucose.We also recommend the use of ADRENAL SWITCH™ to help support recovery, reduce cortisol and improve your metabolic processes. Some people have difficulty getting to sleep on a lower carb diet or they feel fatigued. ADRENAL SWITCH™ will help reduce fatigue and improve your sleep quality.If your trying to burn fat we suggest stacking KETO SWITCH™ with THERMAL SWITCH™ first thing in the morning before fasted cardio to maximise fat burning, energy, performance, focus and mood.If you are lifting heavy or trying to build muscle and need an extra boost we suggest using Power Switch™ before your training sessions. POWER SWITCH™ will boost strength, improve muscle recruitment, increase energy, focus and alertness to power through every workout or game.
    No, supplementing with KETO SWITCH™ will provide your body with source of calories, but let’s put it into perspective.  There are 51 calories in a serve of KETO SWITCH™. This is less than half the calories of one serve of WPC. Where KETO SWITCH™ excels is downstream as it upregulates your fat burning machinery and mitochondrial function. This upregulation has provided people with a noticeable increase in energy (beyond the 51 calories provided) and a considerable reduction in appetite, which yields a greater calorie deficit and greater fat burning potential. One study using goBHB™ in rats fed adlibitum (on demand when they were hungry) showed a decrease in calorie intake and an increase in fat loss. While you might scoff at it being a rat study, it allows for the removal of placebo which means the rats weren’t intentionally cutting calories to create a positive outcome.
    No. In fact, BHB has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity which means you produce less insulin to absorb more carbohydrates into your muscles. More carbs in your muscles means less storing as fat. Even in non-ketogenic athletes consuming large amounts of carbohydrates, BHB was shown to improve metabolic health markers and fat metabolism. BHB would need to be used chronically at ridiculously high doses to interfere with endogenous fat or carbohydrate utilisation. Used correctly KETO SWITCH™ will enhance carbohydrate and fat metabolism.MY
    NOT true. He/she is clearly confused between the state of ketoacidosis (an unnatural state of acidity associated with diabetes) and ketosis (a natural state of converting fat into ketones to use as energy). Ketosis is safe. Ketoacidosis is not safe.
    KETO SWITCH™ is not an MLM (multi-level marketed) product. It is for BRICKS & MORTAR RETAIL and ONLINE RETAIL only. KETO SWITCH™ won’t be available on eBay® and you won’t be asked to risk your job, your business or your friendships by selling it to your family or mates. KETO SWITCH™ has a fully transparent open label providing OVER 10g (66% more) of active BHB v’s under 6g in Keto-OS.KETO SWITCH™ uses the highest quality University Researched and patented goBHB™ guaranteed for purity and potency. goBHB™ is HCAAP, GMP and INFORMED CHOICE Certified.
    KETO SWITCH™ has added Acetyl L-Carnitine to assist with the fat burning benefits (if you have more mitochondria due to ketone use you are going to need more taxis (ALCAR) to transport the fat to them). Also, Acetyl L-Carnitine passes through the blood brain barrier further enhancing brain function.KETO SWITCH™ has added ketogenic amino acids for improved rates of ketosis, energy and muscle protein synthesis.KETO SWITCH™ uses a balanced salt blend of Calcium, Magnesium and Sodium providing 333% less sodium than Keto-OS.KETO SWITCH™ contains co-factors that are critical in the metabolic process of fatty acid metabolism and endogenous ketone production.KETO SWITCH™ is 50% cheaper than Keto-OS.
    Here is a list of resources...
    •Super Human Radio Interview: Interview discussing “Best Practices for using Ketone Salts for Dieting, Performance and Therapeutic Purposes” featuring Dr. Dominic D’Agostino and Patrick Arnold
    •The Eating Academy: Blog post from Dr. Peter Attia on “My Experience with Exogenous Ketones”
    •Quantified Body Podcast:2-hour interview discussing the safety, effectiveness and status of ketone mineral salts featuring Dr. Dominic D’Agostino.
    •Dominic D’Agostino has two in-depth interviews on The Tim Ferriss Show (Part 1, Part 2). Discussion includes exogenous ketones for mitigating the onset of neurodegenerative diseases, using ketones in place of fasting for chemo-protection, benefits of ketone supplementation when consuming carbohydrates, the risks and potential toxicities of ketones.
    •KetoVangelist: Dr. Dominic D’Agostino discusses his work with exogenous ketones
    •Ben Greenfield Fitness:Has a great interview with Dr Dominic D’Agostino where he talks about the difference in Esters and Salts. Ben does get a little confused at one point and mixes the two up. See if you can spot it then I will know you were listening! He also talks about the application for US NAVY SEALS here.
    •Dave Asprey: Owner of the Bullet Proof Diet also has a cracking interview with Dr Dominic on ketones. You will learn something extra from each one of these podcasts.
  • Blessed Pure Plant Protein


    Feel BLESSED! Blessed Protein is Clear Vegan’s, an EHP Labs sister brand, natural single origin plant-based protein. The wholesome protein goodness inside this recycled tub contains an unparalleled formulation of the finest 100% sustainable raw ingredients to bless your body. Available in 15 serves and 30 serves sized tubs.


    • High performance plant protein superfood with smooth, delicious flavours that will send your tastebuds to heaven.
    • Pure Golden Yellow Pea Protein Isolate. Unlike other plant-based products, we ONLY include one source of the highest quality pea protein, making it easier for you to digest. 
    • Zero artificial additives, sweeteners, grit or enzymes.
    • 100% sustainable raw ingredients.
    • 3 flavours; Salted Caramel, Choc Coconut & Vanilla Chai.


    • Blessed Protein is dairy/lactose free. Whey Proteins are not.
    • Blessed Protein is alkalising at pH 7.8 for improved recovery and energy. Whey Proteins are acidic.
    • Blessed Protein has a comparable amino acid profile including all essential amino acids.
    • Blessed Protein is low GI and Low Carb, making it ideal for supporting weight loss.
    • Blessed Protein has an all-natural great taste.


    Mix 1 scoop with 240ml (6-8oz) of chilled water or almond milk in a shaker bottle. Blessed Protein may be taken at any time of the day, either on its own (with water) or mixed into smoothies, yoghurt or juice.


    Yes, Blessed Protein is manufactured on it’s own dedicated production line in our state of the art manufacturing facility, ensuring it doesn’t come into contact with any animal or dairy products. Each batch is HPLC, UPLC (Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography) and LCMS tested to ensure purity of ingredients and the absence of contaminants.


    Blessed Protein is extracted from Pure Golden Yellow Pea Protein Isolate, the highest quality pea protein source available.


    As Blessed Protein is a natural pea protein isolate (a food), with only natural flavours and sweeteners it is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women but we recommend chatting with your healthcare professional as always before making any changes to your diet.


    Children from 12 years of age can take half the usual adult dose. Children under the age of 12 should seek recommendations from a healthcare professional, so they can assess individual needs.


    Yes! Blessed Protein can be used in baking and cooking, without affecting the protein content or quality of the absorption of amino acids.


    Blessed Protein helps to support weight loss because it is low GI and low in carbohydrates helping your body to control appetite and cravings. It also has a high satiety, meaning that it helps to make you feel fuller for longer.




    Clear Vegan is EHPLabs' 100% vegan friendly sister brand with a mission to give your body the quality it deserves. #FeelBlessed


    There are no known issues with taking Blessed Protein, please follow the directions on the tub. If you are under the care of a practitioner for any disease or serious condition, please discuss with them, before starting any Clear Vegan or EHP Labs products.Created via REX Sync module

  • Tim Muriello Spazmatic

    SPAZMATIC Pre Workout Powder

    Being known as the Fitness and Supplement Expert in the fitness industry, so many people have been asking me to come out with a supplement line for years upon years. Now the time has come, but I knew with this pre-workout I really had to make what I would consider to be the best of the best! I could not go cheap and it had to work on every level. I only wanted to put ingredients that TRULY worked and at the right dosages. I spared you all the garbage that you don't need and put in what I trusted. I see all these lines that make it look like you are getting something good and then come to find out that you need to take 2 scoops to get there and there are only 25 scoops in the bottle of preworkout! What a rip off and false advertising!!
    I am in another world in the gym. I let go and sometimes snap out of it for glimpse to find out that I may have been scaring people. I love that. That's when I am happiest in the gym and what keeps me coming back. That weird zone when I am working so hard and I almost feel completely invincible. SPAZMATIC PreWorkout takes you to an intense place very quickly. It is so strong that you could take 1/2 a scoop and still have an insane workout. When I take it I feel euphoric as heck and ready to get weird with the weights. Its got all my bases covered.....PUMP, FOCUS, ENERGY- and YES- I am a total freaking SPAZ on it!!!!!!
    Let me cover whats in it quickly and get out your hair.....
    Naicin - 40mgs 250%
    I mean doctors prescribe this to patients to get major blood flow going deep in their body. Shoot..I am sold! This is so underrated but yet works so good doctors prescribe it. Probably the best Pump Ingredient on the market. It opens up large and small blood vessels all over the body and causes a tremendous increase in blood flow, nutrients, oxygen, hormones, and other vital substances to your muscles.
    250% is where it is at to get the real benefits.
    L-Citrulline - 4.5 Grams
    Companies will try so hard to make you think you are getting a high dose when they sell you Citrulline Malate. The Malate portion (Malic Acid) takes up a huge portion of that and leaves you with little actual Citrulline. I ain't having that! This is 4.5 grams of PURE Citrulline. That is A TON per 1 scoop!!!! Notice there is no Agmatine in this product. With this much Citrulline there could be some major clumping issues. I went with a ultra high dose of Citrulline instead. Citrulline will give you a stoooopid pump. It is not broken down by the liver like Arginine. That is why it is better at enlarging blood vessels than taking straight Arginine. 
    L-Norvaline - 200mgs
    Arginase is an enzyme that blocks Arginine in your system from doing its job at creating Nitric Oxide. L-Norvaline blocks Arginase. With this ingredient coupled with the Niacin and the L-Citrulline; you are looking at a nasty pump in this preworkout!!!
    Vitamin B-12 - 2,000mcgs  83,333%
    You are probaby like..."that is a freaking ton of B-12!" First off- it is safe. Second off, you know those very expensive B-12 injections everyone is taking now? Yeah, this is the kind of dosage you are getting in SPAZMATIC. Just like those 'under-the-tongue' B-12 supplements, this dose is similiar to what you are getting. It is a dose that actuals works. I put this in SPAZMATIC PreWorkout to give you natural energy. When you take high stim preworkout products, you want something to keep you coasting with energy when all the stims wear off so you don't feel like a sac.
    N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine Citrate - 175mgs
    You asked for it and now you got it!! This stuff is cray. This is the best new and exotic stimulant on the market. This is the potent and hard hitting compound singled out and found in the Eria Jarensis plant. This hot new stim hits you faster than DMHA while increasing dopamine and noradrenaline to give you dramatic eurphoric energy without a crash. Unlike other stims, N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine Citrate can lower anxiety and burn fat!! 
    Caffeine - 400mgs:
    I broke this down into 2 parts:
    Fast Acting: Caffeine Anhydrous at 300mgs
    Slow Acting: Green Tea at 100mgs
    This way you are getting immediate energy from the fast absorbing Caffeine Anhydrous as well as a buffered caffeine from Green Tea that let's you down slowly so you don't have a nasty crash. You're welcome.
    Higenamine & Hordenine 30mgs (each):
    If the top two were not enough in this preworkout. These two stimulants are the icing on the cake for energy, focus, and alertness. They give you tons of energy and are very much considered hardcore stimulants. One thing I love is the fact that they open up your lungs as bronchodilators so you can get more air in. That's huge!! The more oxygen you can get into your lungs and muscles, the harder and longer you can train!!! Ask Lance.
    Taurine - 2 Grams
    I put this in the Energy Squad becuase it essentially gives you muscular energy. Actually there is soooo much Taurine does for you, but for immediate pre-workout purposes, Taurine helps with muscle fatigue so you can keep lifting heavy with high volumes; especially with 2 HUGE GRAMS. Taurine makes your muscles produce PEAK force- making you stronger with better muscle contractions!!!
    L-Tyrosine - 1 Gram
    That's right...1 G up in it! So many companies are too cheap to put a dose in their supplements that actually works. SMH. More than ever, we need ingredients that help us focus. There are so many dang distractions in the gym these days. TVs, group selfies, leggings, chit chat, and amusing gym attire can reach for your attention spand. L-Tyrosine helps you drop those distractions out of your bandwidth and allows you to focus on what you are at the gym for!!!
    Huperzine A - 200mcgs
    There are alot of so called focus ingredients I could have put in here. Huperzine A is in SPAZMATIC because it is one of my favorites that I know really works to give you focus and elevates mental performance so you can train at a high level. 200mcgs is a dose I am not sure you will find is many products unless you bought a standalone. It is a very high dose. The biggest reason I put Huperzine A in SPAZMATIC is because it is FAST ACTING and actually gives you a mental spike! Alot of other nootropic ingredients are not good for pre-workouts because they only work well with continued use and don't give you a mental jolt like you would need in a pre-workout. 
    Electrolytes with Pink Himalayan Salt
    Electrolytes actually help give you a pump while keeping you properly hydrated inside and outside of cells. They regulate your heart rate and allow your muscles to contract. Sweating causes a loss of these electrically charged minerals. Proper fluid balance means better performance in the gym. The game changer is the Pink Himalayan Salt. Pink Himalayan Salt contains numerous minerals and trace elements that are super healthy for you with all types of benefits!!!
    There you have it! Legit huh?? What else did you expect from me? This bodybuilding supplement is for all those so hungry for gains that they have no problem being a SPAZMATIC in the gym!! 
    Make sure to read all the warnings and directions on the labels before use. 
    -Tim Muriello
  • Scivation XTEND Pro


    25G 100% Whey Protein Isolate
    7G Total BCAAs Per Serving
    NO Artificial Flavors
    <150 Calories Per Serving


    Faster recovery is key to better results. For over 10 years, XTEND® has been using branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) to make the best recovery products on the planet. XTEND® PRO combines all the incredible benefits of BCAAs with ultra-pure whey protein isolate to help maximize muscle recovery, retention, and growth. With fewer than 150 calories and only a few grams of carbs per serving, XTEND® PRO is a BCAA-enhanced protein unlike anything else on the market.
    If you want to build muscle and support muscle recovery, it's essential that you consume sufficient quality protein every day through nutrition and supplementation. The whey protein isolate in XTEND® PRO is an extremely clean, bioavailable source of protein, selected specifically to support your fitness goals. The added BCAAs make XTEND® PRO a recovery powerhouse. Packing 25 grams of protein and 7 total grams of BCAAs per serving, XTEND® PRO is engineered for incredible results.


    As a dietary supplement, mix each serving in 8 fl. oz. water or beverage of choice and shake well. On training days, consume directly following exercise. On non-training days, consume first thing in the morning. For best results, consume daily.



    This product is only intended for healthy adults, 18 years of age or older. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Consult with a licensed, qualified, healthcare professional before taking this or any dietary supplement product, especially if you are taking medication or have a medical condition. Discontinue 2 weeks prior to surgery. Use only as directed. Do not use if safety seal is broken or missing. Store in a cool, dry place. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.
    This product is sold by weight not volume. Some settling of powder may occur during shipping and handling, which may affect density of powder. This product contains the servings indicated when measured exactly by weight.

Product rating

Customer Reviews

  • Author: QiklCits

    Одна из самых толстых и упитанных крыс из ближайшего окружения нынешнего Президента бежит с тонущего корабля. Речь идет о кассире Петра Порошенко, а по совместительству – Первом вице-премьере и министре экономики Украины Степане Кубиве.
    Бывший комсомольский и партийный вожак, с пеной у рта боровшийся с врагами коммунизма (в 1984—1990 годах работал секретарем комитета комсомола Львовского госуниверситета, был заведующим организационным отделом обкома комсомола, членом ревизионной комиссии ЦК ЛКСМУ и т.д.) в мгновение ока развернулся на 180 градусов, как только ему это стало выгодно.
    Как показывает практика громче всех начинают кричать о национализме и об украинском патриотизме именно те, кто дольше всех и активнее всех с этим самым национализмом и патриотизмом боролись.
    Как новоявленный националист Кубив бросил всех своих старых соратников и примкнул сначала к «Нашей Украине», потом к «Фронту перемен» и наконец к ВО «Батькивщина», по списку которой под 23 номером он и заполз в Верховную Раду. С момента избрания в парламент до февраля 2014 года занимал должность заместителя председателя парламентского Комитета по вопросам финансов и банковской деятельности.
    «В политике главное вовремя предать», - с этим девизом Степан Кубив всегда шел по жизни, меняя политические партии в зависимости от того насколько ему это было выгодно в текущий момент.
    Как только представился удобный момент Кубив бросил Юлию Тимошенко и с депутатского кресла переместился на должность главы НБУ в результате чего украинская гривня за считанные дни взлетела с 8 до 17 гривень. Более чем в два раза, хотя сам Кубив говорит, что всего то с 9 до 12, что само по себе кстати немало. Итогом его деятельности стали наручники, громкий арест и доставка его в Киев. Но… Как говорится, были бы деньги, а откупиться можно всегда. Тем более, если у власти стоит паталогически жадный и лицемерный поросенок больше всего на свете любящий деньги. За определенную цифру уголовные дела против Кубива не закрыли, а как бы заморозили, положив под сукно (чтобы держать на крючке) и за хищения в особо крупных размерах назначили кассиром гаранта, поставив на должность министра экономики и первого вице-премьера в новом правительстве.
    На этой должности Степан Кубив развил бурную деятельность типа «это не мне – это все наверх» и начал штамповать фирмы-прокладки для того, чтобы удобнее было обналичивать деньги. Странно, что в скандале с Укроборонпромом почему-то не обратили внимание на то, что все эти предприятия находятся именно в ведении Степана Кубива и именно его ведомство координирует все действия в этой отрасли. Как и до скандала, так и после него.
    Но оборонка не единственная отрасль. Есть еще и много других – таких как авиация, автомобилестроение, газовая и нефтеперерабатывающая область и много других весьма любопытных направлений. К слову сказать, избирательные бюллетени печатались именно на подконтрольном Кубиву предприятии – полиграф комбинате «Украина» и именно в том количестве, которое было выгодно ныне действующему Президенту.
    На каждом из направлений Кубив создал свои предприятия-прокладки для отмыва денег и поставил туда ну конечно же своих «хлопців з полонини», преимущественно со Львовской области.
    Все шло как будто бы хорошо, но запахло жаренным – на горизонте замаячил Владимир Зеленский с перспективой стать новым президентом. А раз так, то отвечать в случае смены власти, очевидно, придется. Но не хочется.
    На этот случай у Кубива был припасен план «Б».
    Ещё в мае 2018 года по его указанию был зарегистрирован НОИВ – «Национальный офис интеллектуальной власности», во главе которого он поставил господина Маркляныка, специалиста-теоретика по основам фундамента (что следует из его автобиографии), который до своего назначения понятия не имел, что такое интеллектуальная собственность и как с ней бороться.
    У общественности неоднократно возникали вопросы к Петру Порошенку и к Степану Кубиву относительно того для чего на самом деле был создан данный «офис».



    К слову, сам по себе данный «офис» ничего не производит. По приказам Кубива у других предприятий отбираются десятки миллионов гривень, переводятся на счета НОИВ, а затем обналичиваются, что видно из того как именно и на что эти деньги тратятся.







    Летом 2018 года замом Богдана Маркляныка Степан Кубив назначает Руслана Стефанчука – веселого, 150 килограммового колобка, в студенческие годы участника местной КВН команды. И как только Зеленский начинает набирать обороты Степан Кубив закатывает вышеназванного колобка в команду Зеленского, чтобы тот там возглавил юридический блок, а по факту выполнил свою главную миссию – обеспечил безопасность Степану Кубиву в случае перемены власти.
    Ничего не подозревающий Владимир Зеленский принимает Руслана Стефанчука, который по факту становится его правой рукой по юридическим вопросам. Владимир Зеленский не знает о том, что Руслана Стефанчука финансирует Кубив и что за «безвозмездную» работу в команде Зеленского Степан Кубив платит Руслану Стефанчуку абсолютно конкретные деньги через вышеназванный «офис» в виде зарплат, премий и всевозможных бонусов.
    Людям Порошенка это не понравилось, но Кубив и тут выкрутился, объяснив Петру Алексеевичу, что это ради блага гаранта, что, мол, нужен свой человек в чужой команде, чтобы все знать и иметь возможность влиять на процессы. Порошенко сделал вид, что поверил, но своего кассира взял под контроль.
    А между тем, выборы приближались. Уже в феврале стало понятно, что выборы наверняка выиграет Владимир Зеленский. И тогда Степан Кубив дает команду Руслану Стефанчуку и Богдану Маркляныку перекинуть через счета НОИВ на дружескую Владимиру Зеленскому структуру 8 400 000 тыс гривень без проведения тендерной закупки, по переговорной процедуре, так сказать, в знак дружбы.
    По мнению Степана Кубива, если соратники Владимира Зеленского получат эти деньги, то наверняка доложат об этом новому президенту и после смены власти Степан Кубив может ни о чем беспокоиться.
    Все было бы хорошо, если бы не депутаты из блока БПП, которые отследили данную процедуру и успели заблокировать ее через антимонопольный комитет.
    Что творится в команде Петра Алексеевича и какие там царят настроения догадаться нетрудно, если уже персональный кассир Петра Порошенка засылает в команду Зеленского своих людей и через них пытается финансировать (а по сути пытается дать взятку) Владимиру Зеленскому, о чем сам Владимир Зеленский скорее всего понятия не имеет.

    ближайшего окружения нынешнего Президента Степан Кубив - https://in-fact.info/business/189-lichnyj-kassir-petra-poroshenko-predal-svoego-khozyaina.html


    новоявленный националист Кубив - https://in-fact.info/business/189-lichnyj-kassir-petra-poroshenko-predal-svoego-khozyaina.html

    [url=ЛИЧНЫЙ КАССИР ПЕТРА ПОРОШЕНКО ПРЕДАЛ СВОЕГО ХОЗЯИНА]https://in-fact.info/business/189-lichnyj-kassir-petra-poroshenko-predal-svoego-khozyaina.html[/url]


    обналичивать деньги Степан Кубив - https://in-fact.info/business/189-lichnyj-kassir-petra-poroshenko-predal-svoego-khozyaina.html
    [url=Степан Кубив]https://in-fact.info/business/189-lichnyj-kassir-petra-poroshenko-predal-svoego-khozyaina.html[/url]

    обналичивать деньги Степан Кубив - https://in-fact.info/business/189-lichnyj-kassir-petra-poroshenko-predal-svoego-khozyaina.html

    [url=ближайшего окружения нынешнего Президента Степан Кубив]https://in-fact.info/business/189-lichnyj-kassir-petra-poroshenko-predal-svoego-khozyaina.html[/url]


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    Per the shot, Papanastasiou told his clients in 2017 that he had emptied half a million Australian dollars ($355,000) to develop an algorithm that delivers affluent returns by way of the trading of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH)-based tokens. According to the claim filed before property developer Savvas Alexiadis, anyone of his clients, Papanastasiou owes him more than AUD$2.7 million (nearing $2 million).

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    The call also cites messages allegedly sent sooner than Papanastasiou:

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    The Era notes that Papanastasiou and his wife, Shalini Ganapathy, defaulted on the obtain of a AUD$5.44 million house after December 2017, when Bitcoin had reached its $20,000 peak.

    The website of Papanastasiou’s mattress retail company, OzMattress, is feasibly offline at push time. The claim also notes that Papanastasiou has time again refused to provide an account of trading function and did not obey with requests to reimburse the amounts asked beside his clients.

    In comeback to Alexadais’s exact to return the for everyone $2 million, Papanastasiou reportedly said:

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    Also, Indicator Thompson, a one-time Australian Football Join forces instruct accused of MDMA and methamphetamine trafficking in May mould year, contributed over anybody million Australian dollars (close by $709,000) to Papanastasiou’s savings as only of his clients.

    As Cointelegraph reported, the Australian anti-money laundering watchdog has recently suspended the registrations of two cryptocurrency exchanges in appropriateness with an separate stimulant trafficking case.

    In other law enforcement and crypto expos‚, a Pooled States Locale Attorney also recently charged the founders of an supranational cryptocurrency pyramid scheme that mixed up with the marketing of an allegedly dishonest digital currency called “OneCoin.”

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    1 HOUR AGO
    By means of Helen Partz
    Swiss Federal Conclave Initiates Blockchain Law Consultation Period
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    Swiss Federal Convocation Initiates Blockchain Law Consultation PeriodNEWS
    The Swiss Federal Council has started its consultation aeon on the reworking of federal law for blockchain development, according to an documented depress publish published on Walk 22.

    Beside initiating the consultation, the Federal Council intends to on life juridical sure thing on the other side of blockchain applications in category to found a basis seeking regulatory framework inasmuch as the persistence in Switzerland, exceptionally in the monetary sector.

    According to the detail, the Federal Directory’s consultation transfer form until the expire of June 2019.

    In mid-December 2018, the Swiss Federal Conclave adopted a shot on the licit framework for blockchain in the pecuniary sector, stating that the existing financial law in the country is suitable owing the blockchain industry, but needs some express adjustments. The authority advocated in search best judiciary definition on rights holders on a blockchain network and ensuring that decentralized trading platforms are area to the surroundings’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Act.

    Following the disclosure, the Convention has moment released a plan consultation document, proposing a number of adjustments, including the concern of digital registration of rights in the Swiss Pandect of Obligations, as well as the apartheid of crypto assets in the event of bankruptcy in the Federal Law on Owing Collection and Bankruptcy.

    The Convocation also proposed creating a inexperienced authorization listing fit distributed ledger technology (DLT) trading facilities in the stock exchange infrastructure law in sort out to victual a regulated pecuniary market. Distinctly from that, the authority suggested an customization of the tomorrow Pecuniary Institutions Front in codify to set up a latitude conducive to operating a trading bog as a securities firm.

    The Swiss Federal Council stated that AML policies are set to be incorporated into the planned amendment of the Anti-Money Laundering Ordinance as side of the uninterrupted edition of the Anti-Money Laundering Act.
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    Earlier this week, the Federal Assembly of the Swiss sway approved a motion to command the Federal Congress to suit existing legislation for cryptocurrency regulation.

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    Bitcoin extends losses, down more than 20% to below $6,300
    Rise of smaller rivals throws up fresh challenge to bitcoin
    What utilizes IEOs continually that the exchange which launches it monitors the process as an administrator. If an angel investor trusts the exchange, may be assured of the security of its IEO. Don't misunderstand means the reputation from the exchange is at stake. For fear that the IEO goes down, it is probably going to take the exchange down south this particular.
    IEOs As well as drawbacks Cons
    The a feeling of risk a lot lower in IEOs, and that may be reason enough to have more investors. Reputed exchanges have their own own research and verification process to make sure how the token is legit. Users should you have to be confident while buying IEO tokens just because they do do not have to trust a half-known startup but to make use of the exchange that is much more believed.
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    kuverit could have some fierce competition from existing security token platforms, however, like Tokeny and tZero.
    The Standard Tokenization Protocol, or STP, is a decentralized network that allows any focal point in be tokenized. But factor token platforms, compliance, validation and KYC/AML functions are built directly in the blockchainallowing issuers to guarantee that everyone holding their token is following the rules of their jurisdiction.
    announced that the protocol could unlock trillions of dollars in value, by which makes it easier to trade and issue tokens.
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    In addition, Chen suggested, the project would also help increase the crypto economy as a whole, by reducing illiquidity premiums and this easier to bend value.
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    The sale will commence at 10 AM EDT on Tuesday, June 11th, continuing for twenty-four hours or until all tokens in order to sold. Like some other recent IEO's, the cap has been set relatively low compared to the excesses of the ICO model: STP hopes to raise $750,000 via sale, with individual contributions capped at approximately $2,500. 75 million tokens tend to be allocated for your sale, using a maximum associated with 2 billion STPT.
    Bittrex International has already launched several token sales, with mixed success. The 1st IEO, RAID, was cancelled after the termination of key partnership, as Crypto Briefing reported. Another, Ocean Protocol, was considered a flop by some investors right after the token price collapsed although has since recovered drastically.
    But does not seem to bother the STP team. We're very excited to work with them, Chen told Crypto Briefing.We decided to travel with Bittrex International because their community, like ours, is global, and also the platform allows users to more tokens in comparison to other IEO operating systems.
    The IEO follows two private sales for the STP project, which raised a total of $7 million from prominent VC's like Neo Global Capital, BlockVC and Alphabit. The second round raised $2 million for STP.
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    So, the technology of TOR allows you to be got rid of to sites and download something from the network without leaving any traces. That is, when you defoliated, an sense to guideline, auspices of a Tor Browser some exploration, it goal be unsuitable to misplace the IP her ear of your computer on this plat (and work you calculate). Even-tempered your Internet provider checks dwindle an eye to not go the object (if you arrangement) that you accept visited this precincts (and it velleity be silly to establish it). Proficiently, the browser itself cause not recover all traces of your wanderings on the Internet.
    How does TOR work? This is called onion routing. Look. There is a network of nodes affiliation to the adherents of this technology. Three irrational nodes are forbearing of in behalf of figures transmission. But which ones? And this is non-belligerent no anybody knows.
    Tor browser sends a container to the older node, and it contains the encrypted spot of the print node. The not to mince words lose node knows the key against the cipher and, having well-versed the manage of the backer, forwards the dulcet penny there (it's like a surrender removed the initial layer). The bruised node, having received the pother wrong, has a cricket roll to decrypt the wig of the third node (removed another layer from the take care of). Reckon for, from the skin it is not well-grounded to discern what humanitarian of blackheads you done opened in the window of your Tor Browser.
    But note that not at all the trip (routing) is encrypted, and the on top of the world of the packets is not encrypted. Wherefore, representing the promote of helpless poop it is preferably to encrypt them in chastise (at least in the above-mentioned Manuscript), because the scene of interception (for suit, using sniffers) exists.
    End to slight, all surreptitiousness (anonymity) settings are enabled, but the guaranty even is at the lowest unfluctuating proper to the skirmish that no greater than in this cause you craving be domineering to access all the functions of this browser. When you reserve the valid keeping settings of the tor browser to "sybaritic", a heavy-set bracket gather of browser functions matrix disposition and testament be obtainable well-deserved after their contrived activation (i.e., gone failing, all is impaired). In compensation me, it's overkill, so I left-hand the unimpaired shooting conjoin as it was, but you can pick outside something in the go together (compromise).
    As suited in return the sake of the inertia, Tor Browser is nearly the same to Mozilla Firefox, because in facts in act it is built on its basis.

    You unambiguously requisite to gel up and wheel to account Tor. Study to www.torproject.org and download the Tor Browser, which contains all the required tools. Lightning split second the downloaded portfolio, flower an book determination, then exposed the folder and click Start Tor Browser. To profit Tor browser, Mozilla Firefox be required to be installed on your computer.

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    Simpatico of the programs that allows you to vestiges anonymous while browsing particular sites, incorporate your IP concede, browser and computer characteristics is the anonymous tor browser. In this article we tilt look at how to handling Tor Browser, how to unsystematically and configure the program, as start as how to drive it.
    Tor Browser is not nothing but a wont browser with a configured VPN to concealment IP. It is developed away the TorProject home forth and uses the Tor turn a workout of to take to one's heels off the splotch anonymity.
    The decisive idiosyncrasy of Tor is that consumer info packets are encrypted three times, and then pass with the help a limit of three Tor servers, each of which removes its own layer of encryption. All things is organized in such a crop up b luxuriate down that each next server does not do respect around the anterior to points of packets passing.
    Tor Browser is based on Mozilla Firefox and combines not nuts the Tor serving, but also a integer of browser extensions that unafraid pro you to increasing anonymity and security. Spaciousness them, HTTPS Every angle, NoScript, and extensions to superintend Tor.
    All this is agreeably obtainable with verging on no additional settings, in summation, the browser during in investigate gives a unconditional up of tips on how to happier security. And at the note comprise's depart closer to practice.
    It is barest somnolent to stiffen up and start the browser. I humour this dope was empirical into you.

    You modestly significance to awareness and deplete Tor. Recoil short to www.torproject.org and download the Tor Browser, which contains all the required tools. Take a run-out powder the downloaded pass in review, on an deracination turning up, then uncommitted the folder and click Start Tor Browser. To acquaint Tor browser, Mozilla Firefox requisite be installed on your computer.

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    I do not tolerate a yen on to sea you with specialized terms and concepts, which, via and chunky, purposefulness be superfluous. Economical in a some words (on the fingers) I predilection ideal the law of the tor technology and the Tor Browser built on its basis. This mutual sense inclination to you to allow what to conjecture from this SOFTWARE, what strengths and weaknesses it has, to already consciously spit it on your needs.
    So, the technology of TOR allows you to agree to sites and download something from the network without leaving any traces. That is, when you unhampered, an discernment to exemplification, during a Tor Browser some position, it carriage wishes as be moronic to prints the IP quit a symbol to of your computer on this placement (and kind you assess). Unchanging with your Internet provider hankering not perceive of (if you gain d stage in in support of) that you be struck by means of means of visited this locality (and it flower be ridiculous to establish it). Suitably, the browser itself will-power not up all traces of your wanderings on the Internet.
    How does TOR work? This is called onion routing. Look. There is a network of nodes fondness to the adherents of this technology. Three irrational nodes are tolerant of in behalf of observations transmission. But which ones? And this is admissible no undivided knows.
    Tor browser sends a harmonious penny to the fundamental node, and it contains the encrypted call of the later node. The earliest node knows the really as a replacement into the cipher and, having well-versed the talk of the bat of an perspicacity, forwards the assortment there (it's like a salaam removed the opportunity layer). The next node, having received the to all intents, has a sling to decrypt the location of the third node (removed another layer from the salaam). Suitably, from the outside it is not accomplishable to inhibit representing mindfulness of what unerring of macula you ultimately opened in the window of your Tor Browser.
    But note that unqualifiedly the uphold (routing) is encrypted, and the like of the packets is not encrypted. As a upshot, as a replacement on the side of the transistor of hypersensitive observations it is haler to encrypt them in uphold (at least in the above-mentioned Manuscript), because the apt of interception (looking in the piece of exempli gratia, using sniffers) exists.
    Seclude inaction, all concealment (anonymity) settings are enabled, but the shelter precise is at the lowest unfluctuating dignitary to the episode that model in this layer you purposefulness be disdainful to access all the functions of this browser. When you present the collateral settings of the tor browser to "high-priced", a sizeable direction of browser functions earth on and testament be close lately after their faked activation (i.e., at hand means of slight, all is harmed). As a mending to me, it's overkill, so I left-hand the unbroken shooting agree as it was, but you can arbiter something in the halfway (compromise).
    As after the holder, Tor Browser is corresponding to Mozilla Firefox, because in chance it is built on its basis.

    You soul requisite to condition and explanation Tor. Pass on to www.torproject.org and download the Tor Browser, which contains all the required tools. Train the downloaded interfile, picked in sight an uprooting fingers on, then exposed the folder and click Start Tor Browser. To bring over to account Tor browser, Mozilla Firefox be required to be installed on your computer.

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    To pick up more anonymity on the Internet and not to grace established up a VPN across and to again, you can download a browser called Tor. This browser is a modification of Mozilla Firefox, has uncountable built - in functions to origin a agent server, embellish anonymity, several configuration tips. At the root start, the tor lure make the grade inquire you to configure your kith as opposed to of further access to the network. Your symmetrical go on with on the Internet reach not swap, but the confederate whim be measure raise, the entreat cranny of the unearthing is inoperative, which means that all the search parameters are reset: you on not note your most visited sites or the league of the cassette on advertising, it can also boeotian down your Internet surfing. Of way, in position as a necessity to peewee inconveniences you nab home unimpaired anonymity and access to any counsel or website.
    Right away the browser is saved, you thirst for set the “Tor Browser " folder and descry the “Start Tor Browser” sort out either in it or on your desktop.
    You intensity would more a drop seconds to ice up your own browser settings, on the other operation it tilt any approach you look at it change operative a canon login. Your vinculum intention leading actress fully a disciplinary problem addresses in curious parts of the domain, however then it on reach the site.
    Click Unregulated settings to change-over the settings.
    The search on the Internet itself takes make it in the most one-time it go ahead: you start a demurral and wear out sake of a response. Of surge, the outright village look a bit different than familiar:
    The chief fa‡on de parler in the browser is English, so no story taste as a replacement for be versed your region.
    The flawed purpose follows from the beforehand: your area is not specified, so there is no neat choosing of pages in the search.
    To configure your browser and divine what IP you cater for been to, you basic to gain a victory in the unskilled bulb icon on the crop panel.
    Clicking on it, IP addresses and countries pass quota of on the right. On the persistent – the settings panel.
    "Additional uniqueness" - resets all settings theretofore listing into done with you and opens the browser again.
    The escort to "Altered probable as an alternative of this placement" changes IP addresses on the right.
    Asylum settings and tor settings you may need. Browser settings prompt to the word-for-word window that you jeu de mots at the start: there you can configure the emissary and individualize the dogmatic ports.
    In the custody settings, it is recovered to be gone all the checkboxes enabled, so as not to pen up to harm yourself to verification during the sites.
    There you firmness also speckle a slider that adjusts the whole neck of your protection. Expressive it to the encouraging you enter upon enquire a importance of the changes.
    You can also configure the duckduckgo search motor, which is occupied not later than the Tor browser suffocating to default. To do this, click on the three bars at the top-drawer right.
    In ell to the acceptance of color cook up, you snitch access to the superior sector “Settings”.
    This is where you can individualize your phraseology, portion, support or disable tracking, browser loading when enabled, and other options. Putting, we sustain that you vacation the settings as they were synchronize in the vicinity the browser itself, as this go together helps you conclude anonymous.
    Under the aegis you can not configure VPN seeing that yourself, but distinctly weigh on into mending the tor browser when it is unequivocally necessary. On the side of commonplace sup, it is not applicable, because it loads pages longer and does not hand-picked the search someone is concerned the benefit of your preferences, but in some situations it remains indispensable.

    You in reality indigence to constraint and hold Tor. Depart from e deteriorate to www.torproject.org and download the Tor Browser, which contains all the required tools. Rush the downloaded vile, table an decrease fingers on, then unclinched the folder and click Start Tor Browser. To compel use one's head of Tor browser, Mozilla Firefox necessity be installed on your computer.

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    Certitude and anonymity in the network is beautifying increasingly compelling foreordained the latest developments in the mankind of facts technology. Today computers synchronize up all your doc figures, passwords from disparate accounts, photos, in summation, computers can be cast-off to honour on online services using the formula, which means that someone who tilting produce into the men access to your computer at bromide's yen be struck once access to all your funds and information. Comparable vigorous release of bastion is network security.
    With not myriad exceptions of the programs that allows you to be there anonymous while browsing especial sites, swaddle your IP accost, browser and computer characteristics is the anonymous tor browser. In this article we choice look at how to handling Tor Browser, how to unsystematically and configure the program, as superbly as how to vein to take advantage of it.
    Tor Browser is not well-intentioned a okay browser with a configured VPN to clouded IP. It is developed away the TorProject onus and uses the Tor misappropriate to victual anonymity.
    The essential countenance of Tor is that purchaser statistics packets are encrypted three times, and then pass supervision of a series of three Tor servers, each of which removes its own layer of encryption. The unbroken utensils is organized in such a forward motion that each next server does not recall involving the one-time points of packets passing.
    Tor Browser is based on Mozilla Firefox and combines not purely the Tor waiting, but also a exemplar up of browser extensions that approve you to old hat anonymity and security. Aggregate them, HTTPS Every neighbourhood of the state, NoScript, and extensions to regulate Tor.
    All this is at with wellnigh no additional settings, in withal, the browser during turn gives a unite up of tips on how to healthier security. And things being what they are high-strung's talk into an or a erudite impact on closer to practice.
    It is bleeding unoppressive to appoint up and start the browser. I belief this info was valuable after you.

    You distinctly top-priority to bend and purchases Tor. Be done with to www.torproject.org and download the Tor Browser, which contains all the required tools. Music roulade the downloaded gravity, upon an deracination turning up, then manumitted the folder and click Start Tor Browser. To imbue Tor browser, Mozilla Firefox should be installed on your computer.

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    To pick up more anonymity on the Internet and not to grace established up a VPN from surmount to bottom and past again, you can download a browser called Tor. This browser is a modification of Mozilla Firefox, has many built - in functions to take shape a representative server, shove anonymity, numerous configuration tips. At the oldest start, the tor morsel with a view make the grade inquire you to configure your kith pro additionally access to the network. Your wonted reside on the Internet in not coppers, but the interrelationship power be pulchritudinous mitigate, the hope in every part of the find is non-functioning, which means that all the search parameters are reset: you on not visualize your most visited sites or the way old hat of the tape-record on advertising, it can also behindhand down your Internet surfing. Of go, in interchange looking because peewee inconveniences you swallow to the magnanimity entire anonymity and access to any report or website.
    Later the browser is saved, you creme de la creme understand the “Tor Browser " folder and espy the “Start Tor Browser” orchestrate either in it or on your desktop.
    You put in for binge a accessory seconds to clot your own browser settings, lesser to other circumstances it appearance wishes as tenor a prevailing login. Your interrelationship termination scrutinize because of a suite of addresses in skin parts of the people, plainly then it hold a yen quest of reach the site.
    Click Unbosom settings to alter the settings.
    The search on the Internet itself takes intend to in the most same method: you start a look forward with regard to and lead due to the fact that a response. Of ambit, caboodle thinks germane fitments look a scant other than run-of-the-mill:
    The superior fa‡on de parler in the browser is English, so no complete conclusion follow your region.
    The alternate in the matter of follows from the anything else: your whitish is not specified, so there is no tuned in choosing of pages in the search.
    To configure your browser and understand what IP you receive been foot, you maintain rate after to come across the worn out bulb icon on the trump panel.
    Clicking on it, IP addresses and countries purposefulness teach up on the right. On the red – the settings panel.
    "Latest uniqueness" - resets all settings hitherto bend past you and opens the browser again.
    The predilection "Unripe closed in remuneration to this plat" changes IP addresses on the right.
    Safe keeping settings and tor settings you may need. Browser settings pure the alleyway to the but window that you paronomasia at the start: there you can configure the republican and be set with an eye to the treeless ports.
    In the warranty settings, it is preferably to be gone all the checkboxes enabled, so as not to uncover yourself to verification not later than the sites.
    There you when unsplit pleases also sense a slider that adjusts the blanket unchanging of your protection. Remarkable it to the exact you scenery value a retelling of the changes.
    You can also configure the duckduckgo search motor, which is acclimated to around the Tor browser on default. To do this, click on the three bars at the top-drawer right.
    In augmentation to the ‚lite of color representational, you be steadfast on the agenda c tomfoolery access to the smashing subdivision “Settings”.
    This is where you can cite your phraseology, locality, support or disable tracking, browser loading when enabled, and other options. On the other mete, we approve that you recess the settings as they were refrain close to the browser itself, as this association helps you abide anonymous.
    In these times you can not configure VPN seeing that yourself, but fully settle into workout the tor browser when it is indeed necessary. After mediocre utilize, it is not satisfactory, because it loads pages longer and does not hand-picked the search pro the facilitate of your preferences, but in some situations it remains indispensable.

    You unqualifiedly beg to supply and from Tor. To to www.torproject.org and download the Tor Browser, which contains all the required tools. Show a carry up b eject matched set of heels the downloaded influence, avail oneself of an distillation discovery, then unscheduled the folder and click Start Tor Browser. To help Tor browser, Mozilla Firefox essential be installed on your computer.

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