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Chicken Broth Salt

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Our very popular Chicken Salt tastes just like traditional chicken salt, but with no hidden nasties! NONE! It’s just Himalayan pink salt laden with our nutrient-dense dehydrated chicken bone broth.

  • Jam packed full of vitamins, nutrients, gelatines
  • Known for its healing abilities on the upper respiratory tract
  • Can fight infections & improve digestion
  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory
  • Is paleo& keto friendly
  • Gluten, Dairy & Sugar Free
  • Is well known as a treatment for Leaky Gut Syndrome
  • Certified Organic

A sprinkle of our Chicken Salt is the perfect way to have that extra special flavour without chemicals, preservatives, additives or MSG. It’s a guilt-free pleasure for the tastebuds.

The secret to why our Chicken Salt tastes so great is because it’s made using real chicken bone broth.

Broth of Life’s chicken bone broth contains only the very best, certified organic produce which is slow cooked for a minimum of 24 hours to draw out maximum goodness.

And because it’s made from real chicken bone broth, it means our chicken salt is not only tasty, it’s also full of health benefits.

So, if you’re looking to add a flying kick of flavour to your favourite dish, or you just love a sprinkle of chicken salt on your chips, give our chicken salt a whirl.

You won’t go back. It’ll have you quickly waving goodbye to the MSG riddled products of the past, and saying hello to a healthier you.

Himalayan rock salt, dehydrated chicken bone broth

Remember the days of chicken salted chips from the fish and chips shop. Well that's what this is... but the HEALTHY version.

Just sprinkle onto your meal as you would any salt.