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  • Allmax Muscle Prime

    AllMax MUSCLEPRIME is unlike any other Pre-workout on the market! 4g of BCAAs is in every serving with a research backed 45:30:25 ratio. BCAAs have been shown to increase muscle protein synthesis, act as an energy source for muscles and help prevent muscle breakdown.

    $29.95 AUD
    inc. GST
    AUD89.95 save 67%
  • BNRG Proto Whey

    BNRG Proto Whey 100% Pure Hydrolyzed Whey Protein. Micro Peptide formula: No caseins, whey isolates or whey concentrates. No inferior collagen, soy or other plant proteins. Up to 40% di and tri peptides. Requires little to no further breakdown. Rapid and complete absorption.

    $74.95 AUD
    inc. GST
    AUD99.95 save 25%


  • BPM Labs The Key

    BPM Labs The Key is an optimal amino acid ratio for human absorption.
    $62.95 AUD
    inc. GST
    AUD119.95 save 48%
  • EHP Labs OxyWhey Lean Protein

    EHP Labs OxyWhey Lean Protein powder comprising of the best quality sources of protein. With virtually no carbs, sugars, cholesterol or lactose, OxyWhey’s formula is designed to promote lean muscle growth and help achieve a healthy daily protein intake. 

    $69.95 AUD
    inc. GST
    AUD99.95 save 30%
  • EHPlabs Beyond BCAA

    EHPlabs Beyond BCAA supports muscular endurance, increased blood flow and enhanced nutrient delivery, allowing you to workout at a heightened intensity for a longer period.

    $59.95 AUD
    inc. GST
    AUD79.95 save 25%
  • EHPlabs Glutamine

    EHPlabs Glutamine  is the most abundant amino acid found in muscle cells, comprising over 60% of skeletal muscle. L-Glutamine promotes lean muscle protein synthesis and natural human growth hormone release. Research studies have also shown L-Glutamine to promote gut health and boost immunity.

    $39.95 AUD
    inc. GST
    AUD49.95 save 20%
  • EHPlabs OxyShred

    EHPlabs OxyShred is the most potent thermogenic fat burner ever developed, will take your body to a new level of fat burning- “Hyper-Lipolysis”. In other words, turbo fat burning. Unlike other fat burners on the market, OxyShred is not a heavy stimulant based thermogenic. OxyShred has been pharmaceutically engineered to switch off your body’s “fat memory” and to stimulate your body’s fat burning hormones.

    $74.95 AUD
    inc. GST
    AUD99.95 save 25%
  • EHPlabs PSI

    EHPlabs PSI Vasodilator Nutrient Delivery Maximizer is an effective scientifically dosed non-stimulant (caffeine-free) pre-workout by EHPlabs. PSI is meticulously engineered to boost physical performance during exercise by enhancing natural energy production and vasodilation.

    $59.95 AUD
    inc. GST
    AUD74.95 save 20%
  • HTG Organic Cinnamon Powder

    HTG Organic Cinnamon Powder is traditionally used to add a warm spicy flavour to baking, drinks, desserts, chutneys and pilafs. It is also used as a digestive aid.
    $9.95 AUD
    inc. GST
    AUD10.95 save 9%
  • Power Organic Dulse Flakes

    Power Organic Dulse Flakes Rare and unique, this premium red Dulse (Palmaria palmata) seaweed is hand-harvested from the icy cold waters of Dark Harbour in the Canadian Maritimes, then sun-or-shed-dried.
    $10.50 AUD
    inc. GST
    AUD10.95 save 4%
  • Premier Nutrition Titan Bars

    Premier Nutrition Titan Bars are a delicious bar with 26g of high quality protein which is the key to building muscles.
    $4.95 AUD
    inc. GST
    AUD5.95 save 17%
  • Premier Nutrition TITAN Protein

    TITAN Protein
    $84.95 AUD
    inc. GST
    AUD119.95 save 29%

New Products

  • LACTEEZE Extra Strength

    LACTEEZE Extra Strength supplements allow people with lactose intolerance to digest dairy without suffering unpleasant symptoms such as bloating, flatulance, abdominal cramps and diarrhoea.
    $43.95 AUD
    inc. GST
  • Green Nutritionals Hawaiian Natural Astaxanthin

    Green Nutritionals Hawaiian Astaxanthin has many powerful health benefits beyond many other carotenoids including: eye health, prevention of brain related degenerations (such as dementia) and organ and skin health. It has up to 550 times the antioxidant activity of Vitamin E, 10 times that of beat carotene and surpasses Vitamin C as well.

    $29.95 AUD
    inc. GST
  • Natures Goodness Kefir Turkish Probiotic Yoghurt

    Natures Goodness Kefir Turkish Probiotic Yoghurt is a fantastic source of beneficial bacteria and yeasts which help maintain a healthy digestive system.
    $9.50 AUD
    inc. GST
    AUD9.95 save 5%
  • Natures Goodness Joint Formula Cherry Concentrate

    Natures Goodness Joint Formula Cherry Concentrate are rich in dark colour pigments, known as anthocyanins, cherries have substantially strong antioxidant properties. These pigments, as recent studies show, play an important role in human health and performance.
    $21.50 AUD
    inc. GST
    AUD21.95 save 2%
  • Nutricology Micro Liposomal C

    Nutricology Micro Liposomal C may provide you with a highly absorbable form of vitamin C. Our body needs vitamin C for immune strength‚ promoting skin and tissue formation‚ and antioxidant protection.
    $59.95 AUD
    inc. GST

    EAST BALI CASHEWS are Bali local, fresh and natural cashews are always gluten-free and vegan with zero cholesterol.
    $4.95 AUD
    inc. GST
  • Riddells CreeK Organic Mouthwash

    Riddells Creed Organic Mouthwash is a premium Australian made organic dental range. The mouthwash is refreshing & tasty to help with fresh breath and healthy gums.
    $9.95 AUD
    inc. GST
  • Riddells Creek Organic Toothpaste

    Riddells Creek Organic Toothpaste is a premium Australian made organic toothpaste. It contains only the purest of ingredients to safely clean and protect your teeth.
    $9.95 AUD
    inc. GST

Welcome to Wicked NRG

Buy supplements online at Wicked NRG

Are you looking for a place to buy high quality, but also cheap, supplements online in Australia? We have a huge selection of top-shelf supplements to buy online at affordable prices to help pick up what your diet may be lacking.

Feel free to visit our 3 shops around Darwin, offering our organic and other supplements coupled with a wealth of information from our friendly staff.

For example, creatine is a supplement that we recommend taking no matter what your fitness goals are. The health benefits are countless. If you’re feeling sluggish before a workout, one of our pre-workouts will give you the push you need.

For those who are looking to get the most out of their protein intake, supplement amino acids into your diet and you’ll notice a big difference in progress, also noting a shorter time for muscle recovery.

Are you cutting? We have weight loss protein powders that help maintain muscle mass while promoting fat burning. Looking to start a bulk? We’ve got a huge range of protein powders to help you on your journey to get massive. Want to go from beta to alpha? Check out our testosterone boosters.

Do you want to feel heathier, increase energy & improve your overall health, wellness & happiness, the team at Wicked NRG are passionate about all aspects of health and wellness. That is why we stock a great range of the best vitamins at discount prices with products to help reduce stress and anxiety, aid sleep, improve memory, detox or even improve the health of your hair skin & nails.

Wicked NRG stocks Organic whole foods & super foods for all your needs, from baking up a storm, creating the ultimate smoothies, mixing up health food treats or even snacking on our delicious organic nuts and seeds. Stock up your pantry with gluten free flours, oils such as coconut and flaxseed oil, paleo muesli, grains, natural sweeteners, nut spreads, super greens & much more!

Wicked NRG opened its doors in Australia’s Northern Territory with the intention of being able to support not only the bodybuilding community and gym goers, but people from all sports and walks of life. Our selection of supplements available to you online in Australia have been specifically chosen due to their reputation in the industry, and we pride ourselves on delivering the very best supplements to you, to help you on your fitness journey. We know that everyone is different. Body shapes, fitness goals and levels, there are many variables that separate us, and we have supplements to suit your individual needs, whatever they may be.

From endurance athletes, extreme athletes, daily walkers, stressed executives and mums, tradies working out in the heat all day, to active kids whose mums can’t keep up with the food supply for their fast-growing bodies.

We love helping Australian athletes understand exactly what supplements their bodies need to ensure that during every single session, workout, game or match they perform at their peak, and their recovery is spot on so that their next session is even better. Most of the time, the diet we’re on lacks in different things the body needs, and this is especially true for athletes at any level.

We have a huge desire to improve the lives of highly stressed, tired, aching, overweight, and unwell individuals through education – we make it easier to understand exactly what combination of exercise, diet, and supplement regime is best to suit your individual needs, so you reach your goals faster and more efficiently.

And for those who are always looking to be their best and keep pushing beyond the norm, our huge range of bodybuilding supplements and sports supplements, together with the additional vitamins, minerals and herbs your body will need to endure everything you throw at it, are all at your fingertips at Wicked NRG.

At Wicked NRG, we stock the latest and greatest (and cheapest!) bodybuilding supplements, sport supplements, health supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbs, superfoods and organic wholefoods. Work with us to help build a healthier and stronger you!