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Cacao Gold Organic Cacao Powder

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  • Certified Organic
  • Australian Owned
  • Fairly Traded
  • Keto
  • Paleo
  • Vegan

Good for you, good for the planet

Our ethically sourced fairly traded cacao creates a wave of positive outcomes for small-scale farmers through economic and social empowerment, whilst encouraging biodiversity and conservation. When consumed as part of a healthy diet involving the consumption of a variety of foods, Power Super Foods Cacao Gold is an excellent source of beneficial antioxidants, magnesium and iron. It also contains protein, fibre, zinc, potassium and chromium.

Ways to enjoy

Rich, smooth and decadent, Cacao Gold Powder is exceptional for all your chocolate recipes including ice cream, desserts and raw and baked treats. Its luxuriously fine texture blends easily into your favourite smoothies and hot chocolate. With the addition of our Cacao Gold Butter and a natural sweetener, you can easily make your own healthy and delicious gourmet chocolate.

Origins of cacao

Native to South American rainforests surrounding the Amazon, Theobroma cacao (a name translating to “food of the Gods”) has attracted the adoration of humanity dating back to ancient Mayan civilisation where cacao was prized for its ability to promote energy and mental clarity.

Certified Organic fairly traded 100% cacao powder (Theobroma cacao criollo)