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Carbo Veg

by Owens

Carbo veg has traditionally been used for the symptoms of feeling weak, and about to faint or collapse. This may be accompanied by a feeling of cold sweat, clammy face and a craving for fresh air and fanning. Carbo veg has also been traditionally used for symptoms of sluggish, weak digestion especially after illness or fasting.

Always read the label and follow directions for use. Homoeopathic principles should be applied when using this remedy. If symptoms persist consult your health care practitioner promptly.

Carbo vegetalis / vegetable charcoal

Remedy picture as described in traditional homoeopathic texts.

Carbo veg addresses the low vitality and weakness that can result from a serious disease or complications, or the loss of fluids following a bout of vomiting or diarrhoea. Carbo veg assists the circulation of blood through the veins and capillaries. When impaired, imperfect circulation can cause bluish cold skin and stagnation in the body. It is sometimes called the ‘corpse restorer’ as its use can be dramatic following collapse.

Mental / Emotional Symptoms

Mentally weak, with low vitality. There can be either an irritable easily excited state with changeable moods or they are listless, sluggish and indifferent. Can be easily startled or frightened or experience anxiety on closing the eyes.

Physical Symptoms

The general feeling is one of sick weakness and exhaustion, either ongoing or suddenly. Faints easily. Person may seem almost lifeless but the head is hot, the skin feels cold and may appear blue, the breath is cool and quickened. They feel cold, but have a great desire to be fanned, wanting moving air and all the windows open. Head, eyes, stomach and body generally feels heavy. There may be a lack of reaction or failure to recover after some violent shock, surgery or long illness.

Face: Skinbluish, pale or grey, appearing stretched and tight, sunken eyes, and cold sweat. Pupils may not respond to light.

Head: Head cold and clammy or hot and sweaty with cold limbs. Headache at the back of the head, worse for pressure, heat or over-indulgence. Hair follicles sore. Hair loss following illness; after childbirth.

Digestion: Greatly distended abdomen with excessive flatulence and colicky pain worse from eating butter or rich foods. Digestion is slow and food putrefies within. Upper abdomen is very tender, clothing must be loose around the waist. All symptoms are worse for lying down. Even the smallest portion of food increases discomfort.

Lungs: Breathing laborious, quick and short. Breath feels cold. Spasmodic cough. A burning sensation in the chest. Gagging or vomiting of mucous. Offensive expectoration. Coughs accompanied with bluish skin.

Limbs: Numbness or burning pain, feeling heavy, stiff, and very weak. Limbs go to sleep. Weakness of wrists and fingers when grasping objects. Coldness from knees down. Varicose veins and weak circulation.

Skin: Body bluish and icy-cold, with perspiration. Itching, burning sensations. Sores due to pressure and lack of movement (i.e. bedsores). Old sores that heal and break out again.