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  • Vegan & Paleo
  • Di Dao
  • Gluten & Suar Free

Elevate your daily wellness with our unique Taoist herbal blend, offering sustained energy, enhanced focus, and restorative balance for a vibrant, harmonious life.

Energy & Vitality
Elevate your day with JING's potent blend of Cordyceps and Goji Berry, designed to boost your energy and enhance overall vitality naturally.*

Stress & Emotional Balance
Find your zen with JING. Ingredients like Eucommia Bark and Asparagus Root work together to harmonise stress response and promote emotional equilibrium.*

Mental Clarity & Focus
JING's unique mix, including Rehmannia Root, supports cognitive functions for heightened clarity and concentration.*

Overall Well-Being
Support your body's foundational health. With its synergistic blend of traditional herbs like Cistanche Stem, JING helps nurture your overall well-being and resilience.*

A super-blend of the Daoist herbal tradition’s most revered Jing herbs. These herbs are traditionally used in Chinese medicine to tonify and nourish the Kidney-Essence, to relieve weariness/fatigue and to help the body adapt to stress.

Jing is the Chinese word for Essence - specifically Kidney Essence. In the ancient Daoist tradition, fatigue, weakness, and hormonal imbalance were all considered a result of Jing depletion. Our nourishing JING blend is designed to restore and ignite Jing energy and promote vitality.

100% pure herbal medicine - absolutely no fillers, preservatives or additives of any kind used.

Superior quality - the ancient sourcing criteria we live by is called Di Dao, and we take it VERY seriously. We only source from the most pristine mountains, valleys and plains in extremely rural regions where the herbs are spiritually at home. From the growers, the foragers, the extractors, to us, the herbs are handled with extreme reverence; this is true Di Dao herbalism.

Rigorously tested to ensure purity - we test for metals, pesticides, moulds, microbials and more, twice in-house and with TGA accredited facilities.

Potent 10:1 extract powder - 10:1 = 10kg of herb to create 1kg of powder.

Uniquely specific processing technique - our herbs are extracted by trained herbalists using uniquely and patented refined techniques very specific to the herb. This involves our 3 stage high pressure dual or single extractions, using water and/or rice alcohol for maximum potency and bioavailability. Our techniques ensure each extraction is alive (herbs have different temperature and extraction duration limits) and upholds the specificity of the pharmacological and historical knowledge we have of the herb.

Non standardised, full spectrum extracts - using traditional extraction methods we ensure that the full range of compounds and energetics are extracted to ensure that we have a product that is just as nature intended. We never synthetically isolate and standardise particular active constituents.

100% family-owned business - run by passionate tonic herbalists, in the Byron Shire, NSW


  • Core energy
  • Adrenal health
  • Kidney function
  • Hormone balance
  • Stamina

Eucommia ulmoides (Eucommia bark*), Cordyceps sinensis (Cultivated CS-4 mycellium), Lycium barbarum (Goji berry), Rehmannia glutinosa (prepared Rehmannia root), Cistanche salsa (Cistanche stem), Asparagus� cochinchinensis (Asparagus root) 10:1 extract powders *dual extract