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Natural Epsom Salts

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These 100% Natural Epsom Salts have been sustainably extracted from natural deposits in Germany, so you can enjoy that bath, spa, or float knowing you are soaking in the purest Epsom Salt available!

Unlike manufactured Epsom Salts, these natural salts are FCC Food Grade and therefore are assured to be high in quality and purity.

Epsom Salt (when absorbed through the skin) contains therapeutic properties which can help to relax and relieve muscle aches and inflammation in joints. A soak in a hot, magnesium rich Epsom bath is perfect for the relief of stress, sports recovery and tired, sore feet.

These premium Epsom Salts contain no additives, anticaking agents and have not been manufactured or modified in any way.

NOTE: All of our bulk whole foods are taken from our in-store bulk containers. These products will be delivered in an unlabeled sealed bag.

This salt has a small grain size that dissolves easily, making it an ideal choice for a bath soak, foot soak, spa or body scrubs. For a relaxing bath soak, add two cups of Epsom Salt to warm water in a standard-sized bathtub. Double the Epsom Salt for an oversized garden tub. Epsom Salts are also fantastic for use in the garden too! Roses, gardenias, tomatoes and capsicums, for example, thrive in magnesium-rich soil. Using Epsom Salts can be a cost-effective way to add nutrients and improve yield.