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Organic Dandelion Root Tea

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  • Contains B Complex & Other Vitamins
  • Source of Iron, Potassium & Zinc
  • Supports digestive system
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Non GMO
  • Unbleached Tea Bags
  • Certified Kosher
  • No Preservatives, Artificial or Natural Flavours or Artificial Sweeteners

Buddha Teas invites you to heal yourself from the inside out with our little miracle in a cup. This nutrient dense, youthful potion will prevent and save you from the everyday free-radical damage we face.

What is Dandelion Root?

Although dandelion root and dandelion leaf are part of the same flowering plant, Taraxacum officinale, and deemed by gardeners as a total nuisance, the truth is that this wish-granting so-called weed is one not to be thrown away.

Dandelions are a member of the Asteraceae family, and native to Europe, Asia, and North America. Incredibly, some botanists have divided dandelions as a species into as many as 2000 microspecies, with about 235 having been recorded in Great Britain and Ireland. So, with dandelions being so prevalent across the globe, and knowing all parts are also delightfully edible, it’s a good to know how nutrient-dense they are.

What Exactly are Dandelion Roots Uses?

Though the dandelion leaf is often prepared either in a salad mix, or sautéed, the dandelion root is usually powdered, sometimes roasted, and used as a substitute for coffee, or, in this case, as a delightfully smooth, healing tea. And, though both the leaf and the root are well known to assist with sweeping the liver clean, dandelion root has become more popular as a digestive aid. Dandelion root is currently being used to increase appetite and increase the overall functionality of the digestive system. It’s great if you suffer from the common problems that so many people do.

Dandelion Root and Skin

We all are aware that plants have this miraculous power to live day-in day-out in the sun and still remain gorgeous and vibrant. We also are aware that we don’t produce these amazing chemicals that keep us looking youthful after a lifetime of exposure to the sun. Guess what? These plants act similarly on us when we ingest them or use them topically. While topical creams and lotions are all the rage, Buddha Teas invites you to heal yourself from the inside out!!

What Does Dandelion Root Taste Like?

A gorgeous yellow ochre, with a neutral scent, the pleasure of Buddha Teas Dandelion Root Tea begins with the eyes. If you’ve got a clear cup or pot in which to brew your tea, do it, because visually, our Dandelion Root Tea is stunning. You’ll be glad to know that unlike some super beneficial teas that may be somewhat off-putting taste-wise, this one isn’t. Smooth, subtle, with just a hint of the bitter to let you know it’s working, adding a touch of honey may be a welcome addition for those you go for the sweet. It also pairs brilliantly with all kinds of other teas as we’re about to tell you.

Organic Dandelion Root