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Organic Rye Flour

  • Vegan
  • Non GMO.
  • Preservative and additive free.
  • Unbleached and chemical free.

Honest to Goodness Organic Whole Rye Flour is stoneground from Australian grown rye grain. Milled from whole rye grains this flour is nutrient-rich with a delicious natural earthy flavour. Rye flour has a heavier body and contains less gluten that traditional wheat flours producing a denser texture in baked goods.

Traditionally used to make rye bread. It can also add a rustic taste & texture to baked goods and pizza dough.

This Organic Whole Rye Flour is produced by stone milling the whole rye grain (stoneground). This flour is unrefined and retains all the goodness of the whole grain - containing the bran and germ as well as the endosperm making it highly nutritious.

NOTE: All of our bulk whole foods are taken from our in-store bulk containers. These products will be delivered in an unlabeled sealed bag.

Organic Whole Rye flour is used in many breads and is the favoured flour of choice with sourdough bakers as it contains a high level of amalyse making particularly suited to fermentation when used as a sourdough starter.

Whilst traditionally used in bread making, rye flour is also delicious in cakes, biscuits, pastry and pizza dough. Rye flour can also be combined with higher gluten wheat flour to create light fluffy baked goods with a distinct rustic rye flavour.