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Protein Créme

  • Ideal protein snack to curb those sweet cravings
  • Slow digesting protein which keeps you fuller for longer
  • Highly versatile (can be used with water or milk, as a custard or in your daily baking recipes)
  • 25g Of Slow Digesting Protein In A Smooth Custard Texture
  • Glutamine, BCAAs and EAAs to promote muscle growth and recovery
  • Energising MCTs (Medium-chain triglycerides) that provide energy and focus

What Are The Benefits Of Slow Release Protein?

Just as the name suggests, slow release protein releases slowly to feed your muscles over time, which is why its perfect for before bed to help your muscles recover while you're sleeping. It is also a perfect in-between meals snack and keeps you fuller for longer!

When slow release protein reacts with your stomach acid, it forms a gel. This substance takes longer to break down, meaning a more efficient release of those all important amino acids.

Use it a snack: Simply add 2 scoops into a bowl with 100ml of water. Mix it until its smooth & creamy!

Protein Thick-shake: Add 2 scoops with 200ml of water in a shaker and shake until you get a delicious thick-shake!

Warm snack: Warm your snack in the microwave for 30 seconds to enjoy it hot!

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