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The O.G. (Normal Hair) Shampoo/Conditioner Bar

Sold out
  • Proudly Australian made, owned and designed
  • No Sulphates or Synthetic Fragrances
  • No Harsh Chemicals or Artificial Colours
  • No Propylene Glycol or No Triethanolamine
  • No EDTA, Parabens or Harsh Detergents
  • No Animal Testing, Animal Derivatives + Vegan
  • No Packaging Waste 
  • One bar = Six Bottles

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Guar Gum (Hydroxypropyl Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride), Plant Origin Glycerin (Glycerin), Natural Coconut Fragrance, Moroccan Argan Oil (Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil), Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera), Cocamidopropyl Betaine }(palm-oil free), Shea Butter (Butyrospermum Parkii)

Simply lather up in the shower and run the bar through your hair. Leave in for 2-3 minutes and wash out. That's it kiddo!

Which shampoo bar will suit my hair type?

Choose your fighter!
- I have normal hair - The OG
- I have dry hair - Dry Or Damaged
- I have limp hair - Volume
- I have combination hair - The OG
- I have oily hair - Volume or The OG
- I have curly hair - Volume
- I am a swimmer - Dry Or Damaged
- I have brittle hair - Dry Or Damaged or Colour Treated
- I have coloured hair - Colour Treated
- I have chemically treated hair - Colour Treated
- I have bleached hair - Colour Treated
- I have grey hair - Dry Or Damaged or The OG

What about a conditioner bar?
Our bars are shampoo AND conditioner - saving you extra time, money and effort of using multiple products. Make sure you read the above how-to which details transitioning to the bar as jumping from separate products to one requires a detox period and transition that is different for everyone! Some of you may still even need a bit of conditioning extra on the side - we recommend leaving the lather in your hair for a little extra time. You can even use it as a hair masque for a deep conditioning treatment.

Where do I put it in the shower?
Wherever you like. We worked really hard to formulate a fuss-free bar that holds it's integrity and won't fall to mush in the shower. I have mine on the ceramic built-in shelf in my shower, but you can use a soap tray, a dish or even a little case.

What do they smell like?

The O.G. - This is scented with a natural-class coconut fragrance. This is the only bar that contains perfume.

Colour Treated - This is scented with a floral essential oil blend.

Volume - This is scented with a natural herbal essential oil blend with hints of citrus.

Dry or Damaged - This is scented with an earthy, sandalwood essential oil blend.

Unscented - This has a very very light, natural smell, but is unscented.

Are they vegan?

Are they Australian Made?
Yes, we are fully licensed to use the Australian Made logo, and are proud to be an Australian manufacturer owned by some super cute Australian ladies

Do they have any fragrances?
The O.G. bar is fragranced with a natural class perfume. The other bars are scented with essential oils. We currently do not stock a shampoo/conditioner bar that is free of fragrance or essential oil.

Our unscented bar has no scent!

Are they kid-friendly?
Yes! They are mild and ph balanced and will not sting their little eyes.

Do you recommend washing twice?
If that's your thing then sure! We have a few customers who do this and have great results.