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Xylitol Chewing Gum


With 1.06 grams of xylitol per piece, Epic makes it easy to get your dentist-recommended daily dose of xylitol. Rout acid attacks, beat back bacterial baddies, and clobber cavities with our simple, time-tested, all-natural recipe.

Pucker up, because Epic Peppermint Gum packs a punch! We don’t believe in half measures around here, which is why Epic Peppermint gum is stuffed to bursting with minty goodness.

You don’t get to make it in our product line by cutting corners, so it speaks volumes that Peppermint is by far our most popular and best-selling flavor.

For those who want a milder, mellower minty flavor, Spearmint is 100% your jam. Spearmint is strong and soothing without knocking your socks off.

Fans of cool, smooth, relaxing spearmint freshness, you’re in luck. While big boy Peppermint comes out swinging for the fences, Spearmint is his sweet younger sister.

Some like it hot! Sultry and spicy cinnamon certainly delivers. If you’re a cinnamon bear fanatic, then look no further.

Who says taking care of your teeth has to be boring? With Epic Cinnamon Gum in your pocket, every chew is a sensational spicy delight.

It may not be bright pink, but the sweet taste and cavity-crushing properties of Epic Bubblegum is sure to supplant your favorite bubble-blowing brand after just one piece.

Despite searching high and low through deep jungles and high mountains, our intrepid flavor experts have been strangely unable to locate an all-natural bubblegum extract. Rather than compromise, we’ve put together a bombastic blend of natural fruit flavors to create what we think is a perfect bubblegum flavor. We’re sure your kids will agree.

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